‘Selling Sunset’ Nicole Young Shredded By Fans, Receives Threats

Nicole Young from Instagram Selling Sunset, Netflix

Nicole Young certainly made her mark on Selling Sunset — but now she’s receiving horrific threats from viewers.

Selling Sunset fans know that each season will bring in plenty of drama. Now that Christine Quinn is gone, the series really needs a new villain. And this year, it seems like the production has chosen Nicole Young for that role.

All season long, Nicole feuded with fan-favorite Chrishell Stause, which quickly made her unpopular with audiences at home. But now, the situation is escalating and growing more serious by the minute.

Viewers rip Nicole Young apart after an incredibly dramatic season

According to TMZ, Selling Sunset star Nicole Young is getting more than her fair share of hate. This generally comes with being on a reality television series, but viewers seem to be taking things to a new level this time.

The insults have been allegedly incredibly profane and even life-threatening on occasion.

Mary Fitzgerald, Nicole Young, and Amanza Smith from Instagram Selling Sunset, Netflix
Nicole Young/Instagram

“It’s been a really difficult time for Nicole,” an insider close to the real estate agent revealed to Page Six. “She comes from a regular, normal, private life to death threats and being called a meth addict overnight.”

Over on Instagram, Chrishell has accused Nicole of making up drama for screentime. In one particular post, she even uploaded screenshots of a text exchange with Nicole that took place before filming even started.

“This post goes out to those who love facts🧐” Chrishell captioned the post, poking fun at Nicole’s catchphrase throughout the season. The texts reveal that Nicole reached out to Chrishell before filming to ask for tips and guidance.

Nicole Young from Instagram Selling Sunset, Netflix
Nicole Young/Instagram

If Nicole sincerely always disliked Chrishell, these screenshots seem to prove otherwise. But either way, many Selling Sunset fans agree that death threats are completely unwarranted regardless of the drama between the women.

Is the newcomer breaking up other friendships too?

In the aftermath of the onscreen drama, Nicole Young has limited the comments on her Instagram posts. But that hasn’t stopped Selling Sunset viewers from expressing their opinions elsewhere online.

Amanza Smith is also reportedly now feuding with Chrishell. Details of the feud aren’t public yet, but many viewers suspect that Nicole Young has something to do with the friend breakup.

On Instagram, Amanza has denied those rumors and claims that Nicole had nothing to do with it. But after everything that happened toward the end of Season 6, fans aren’t quite so sure they believe Amanza. When the series returns for Season 7, viewers will likely get more details.

What do you think of Nicole Smith’s appearance on Selling Sunset? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Stay tuned for the latest Selling Sunset news and drama. You really won’t want to miss what happens next.

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