Soaking Ariana Madix Teases Cleavage In Sultry New Snap

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Ariana Madix is making headlines a lot lately, however, that’s not stopping her from posting show-stopping looks on her Instagram. In fact, it seems to be fueling her content. Now, the Vanderpump Rules star is back; this time, she’s teasing some cleavage. Keep reading to learn all the juicy details on the post and to see the photo.

Ariana Madix flaunts her cleavage

In a new post on Instagram, Ariana is showing off her cleavage! The star posted a few photos of herself wearing a blinged-out jacket and seemingly nothing under it. In the first photo, Ariana is wearing the jacket draped off of one shoulder. She’s soaking wet as she holds the garment closed across her. The cut in the jacket is deep, showing off her cleavage while the one-shoulder look puts her glistening skin on display. While the photo is in black and white, the whole look still sparkles.

Ariana Madix/Pump Rules/YouTube
Like the rest of her body, Ariana’s hair is soaking wet, however, still looks sultry as it drips around her face. She’s gone for a very serious, seductive look this time, which, of course, calls for an intense smokey look and cat eye, which is exactly what Ariana is rocking this time around. Her contour is perfect as her chiseled cheekbones take center stage. It’s clear she knows how to work the camera as her eyes pierce the lens.

Luckily for fans, the first photo she shared was not the only one. She shared a second black-and-white photo of herself in the same jacket. However, this time, her body is turned to the side, showing her exposed shoulder to the camera. Her head is tilted back and her expression lightened a bit as she appears to be flirting with her followers.


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Obsessed with her

Of course, Ariana can’t post without getting at least a little love in her comment section. This time is no different, as several flooded her comments with admiration and compliments on her sultry look.

  • “is it wet in here or is it just me? 🥵”
  • “Am I…sexually attracted to your eyebrows”
  • “Don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it….ugh i physically can’t help it SLAYYYYY!!!!”
  • “I have never in all of my days seen a glow up like this! 🔥”

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