‘Teen Mom’ Bombshell: Kailyn Lowry Pregnant With Twins?

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Teen Mom bombshell has been dropped as fans suspect MTV’s Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with twins. What has fans so convinced Kailyn currently has two buns in the oven? Plus, how many confirmed children does she have? Keep reading for the details on this bombshell news.

Teen Mom Bombshell: Kailyn Lowry Pregnant With Twins?

As far as Teen Mom fans know, Kailyn Lowry shares Isaac, 13, with Jo Rivera; Lincoln, 8, with Javi Marroquin; and Lux, 5, and Creed, 2, with Chris Lopez. The MTV personality also reportedly slipped up recently and revealed she also has an infant in her home. At this time, the mysterious infant is believed to be about six or seven months old. Fans, however, aren’t really sure who the baby daddy would be.

In addition to this mysterious infant that may or may not be another child of Kailyn Lowry, Teen Mom fans are now convinced she’s pregnant again. Likewise, fans don’t just believe she’s pregnant, they believe there’s more than one bun in that oven. They suspect she’s pregnant with twins.

Now, is this just a Teen Mom rumor running wild on social media platforms and getting picked up by media outlets? Or, is there some truth to the theory Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with twins?

Why Fans Are Screaming Twins

Kailyn Lowry recently did a video promoting Hiya Health vitamins for children. During the promotion, she told her followers they were missing out if they had children and hadn’t given the vitamins a try. She explained they were so flavorful that she had no trouble getting her children to consume them. Kailyn even did a taste test during the promotion just to give her followers a look at her reaction to the flavor of the gummies.

During the promotion, some eagle-eyed fans noticed she was wearing a bracelet that said “mom of seven” on it. Now, fans know for sure that Kailyn Lowry has four children. Fans also suspect there is a fifth infant in the home. But, where did the number seven come from? Teen Mom fans believe the only explanation for this bracelet is that Kailyn is currently pregnant with baby number six and seven.


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On an Instagram account dedicated to Teen Mom rumors and drama, shared photos of Kailyn’s bracelet with the following caption: “Confirmed. #KailLowry is pregnant with twins. She will be the mom of 7. You’re welcome.”

Do you think Kailyn Lowry of MTV’s Teen Mom could actually be pregnant with twins? Do you believe she has additional children she’s been hiding from the public eye? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more MTV news.

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