Tayshia Adams And Luke Gulbranson Show Huge Commitment

Tayshia Adams and Luke Gulbranson via YouTube

Rumors have been flying about Bachelorette Tayshia Adams dating Summer House star Luke Gulbranson. They’ve tried to keep their relationship under wraps and out of the public eye. However, there have been a few slip-ups that led to almost positive confirmation they are definitely an item. What is going on with them? Keep reading to find out the inside scoop.

Tayshia Adams and Luke Gulbranson show huge commitment

US Weekly had the inside scoop on what is reportedly going on between Tayshia Adams and Luke Gulbranson. The two have been seen out together more than once. The real proof came on Easter when Lindsay Hubbard posted a group photo from her dinner party. In the photo, Tayshia and Luke were holding hands.

When fans immediately noticed Lindsay deleted the photo and cropped them both out before reposting it. Lindsay hinted she was asked to remove the first photo. When she reposted the group pic without Tayshia and Luke she noted that it was now awkward. Later, Lindsay confirmed that Tayshia and Luke are indeed dating.

Most recently, Tayshia and Luke were seen out in New York at Tiffany & Co. looking at engagement rings. She was trying some on and they were discussing their options with the jeweler.

The insider shared more saying, “It may seem like they’re moving fast, but they don’t care what other people think.” They continued saying, “They’re mad about each other and serious about their future.” Tayshia and Luke seem to be very committed to one another.

Tayshia Adams and Luke Gulbranson via Instagram

She wants to keep relationships private

Previously, Tayshia commented that she wanted to keep her next relationship private after her very public relationship with Zac Clark. She said, I think that’s another lesson I’ve learned is I really wanna protect that in the future, and kind of, maybe, keep it quiet and under wraps for a minute and then maybe let the people in on the news after a little while. People are private investigators. I don’t even know how they figure out half the things they do now.”

Tayshia and Luke were first spotted together in New York in March. Nobody knows for certain how long they were together before that initial sighting. Things have obviously heated up and everyone can’t wait until these two go public.

So far neither Tayshia nor Luke have commented on any of the speculation.

Do you think an engagement will be coming for Tayshia and Luke?

Stay tuned for more updates on Tayshia and all your other favorite Bachelor Nation stars.





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