‘Sister Wives’ Avalon Padron Makes A New Discovery

Avalon Padron from Mykelti Padron's Instagram Sister Wives, TLC

Avalon Padron is a very active, vibrant toddler and is thrilled with her latest discovery.

The little girl just turned two years old. Now that she’s a toddler, she’s exploring and learning every day. Her parents Tony and Mykelti Padron couldn’t be happier to see their little girl grow and thrive.

So what exactly did Avalon learn this week? See what Mykelti shared on her social media channels.

Avalon Padron finds something exciting while playing outside

Back in April, Mykelti shared adorable photos of Avalon’s second birthday party. Based on the images alone, it’s clear that Avalon is turning out to be a very adventurous, fun-loving little girl.

So it won’t come as a surprise to many Sister Wives fans that Avalon loves playing outside.

Avalon Padron from Mykelti Padron's Instagram Sister Wives, TLC
Mykelti Padron/Instagram

This week, Mykelti took the children to her older sister Aspyn’s house. While playing outside with the children, they made a new discovery.

“Miss Avalon discovered a gentle creature. Playing in Aspyn backyard and a little lady bug [made] their appearance. #outsideadventures #ladybugfindings #shesdiscoveredanewlove #maybesheneedsapet” Mykelti captioned her sweet Facebook post.

In the photos, Mykelti and all three of her children are sitting under a tree. The twins are playing on a blanket while Mykelti gently offers Avalon the ladybug.

Mykelti Padron and her kids, Avalon, Ace, and Archer, from Sister Wives, TLC
Mykelti Padron/Facebook

“Precious memories in the making!!” one Facebook user wrote in the comments.

“That is so sweet, what beautiful children,” another added.

Many other Facebook users were impressed with Mykelti’s weight loss after delivering the twins last November. Everyone seemed to agree that she looked amazing while simultaneously being an excellent mother to the children.

Having three children under 3 years of age isn’t easy. But Tony and Mykelti Padron certainly seem to make it work.

The family gears up for a summer wedding

Right now, some members of the Brown family are preparing for a wedding. Rumor has it that Christine Brown’s wedding will take place this summer. As one of Christine’s kids, Mykelti Padron and her clan will likely be in attendance.

Although Christine hasn’t publically said much about the details, it will reportedly take place this summer.

“It’s happening very soon. I’ve heard around July,” a source close to the family allegedly told The Sun. “It will be in the middle of summer and definitely before the kids go back to school.”

There are still many unknowns about the ceremony, but the insider believed that Janelle Brown might be a bridesmaid. Until the wedding actually takes place, fans probably won’t know much about the bridal party. But it definitely would make sense for Christine to have Avalon as a flower girl.

Those would certainly be adorable photos that fans would want to see.

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