Sarah Trott Slams ‘Bachelor’ Production

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Sarah Trott appeared on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. She ended up self-eliminating after tensions arose between her and other contestants. What made the situation even worse? Sarah’s father was terminally ill and living with ALS. Now that her father has passed away, Sarah is talking more about ALS advocacy as well as discussing her experience on the show. Sadly, it wasn’t all good. Keep reading to see what Sarah had to say about Bachelor production while she was on the show.

Sarah Trott slams Bachelor production

Bachelor alum Sarah Trott is spilling the tea about how she was treated by producers while on the show. She appeared on the Almost Famous podcast with Ben Higgins and Ashley Ianconetti. During her interview with them, she talked about the difficulties a family goes through while caring for someone they love who is suffering from ALS.

When Sarah made the decision to appear in Matt James’ season of The Bachelor her father was stable. He was also very supportive of her going on the show. However, before making that final decision, Sarah explained to producers that she had a unique situation with her father being so ill. She wanted assurance that she would be able to talk to her father even though phones are not allowed during filming.

Sarah asked them to allow her to communicate with her family via phone or Facetime with a producer in the room. Producers assured her this would not be an issue. So, she accepted the offer and joined Matt’s season.

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Once at the resort where the season was filming, Sarah never did get the opportunity to talk to her family. Every time she inquired about calling them she was given an excuse such as they needed to ask someone else with that authority.

She revealed that being in a room with no phone, no clocks, no television, and no radios was hard and made her feel like reality was flipped upside down. Even the producer who was with her more than anyone became someone Sarah didn’t know if she could trust.

She decided to leave

Some drama did occur during the season and Sarah actually fainted at a rose ceremony even though she already had a rose. Tensions were high between her and Victoria Larson who referred to herself as the queen.

Sarah weighed out all her options and decided that her family was more important than anything. It was the wrong place at the wrong time even though she did have a good connection with Matt.

Sarah Trott and her Dad via Insta

Once she decided she wanted to leave the season, she revealed it took about five days to make that happen. Ashley and Sarah both speculated as to why they wouldn’t keep their end of the deal. They came up with perhaps production wanted Sarah to be emotional for the show. That’s just a theory. Nobody really knows the true reason they wouldn’t let her call home.

Sarah has no regrets about leaving to be with her father. He finally passed away in October 2021. Sarah continues to advocate for ALS awareness and to find a cure.

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