Is Sarah Trott Returning To Bachelor Nation This Summer?

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Is Sarah Trottt returning to Bachelor Nation this summer? Sarah recently appeared on a podcast where she talked about everything from her dad’s fight with ALS, her time on The Bachelor and if she wants to return to the franchise. What did she say? Keep reading to find out more.

Is Sarah Trott making a Bachelor Nation return?

The Bachelor alum Sarah Trott was on Matt James’ season of the show. She self-eliminated after deciding it wasn’t worth being away from her family especially her father who was battling ALS.

Since her departure from the show, she hasn’t been involved with the franchise too much. She appeared on the Almost Famous podcast with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti where she spilled some tea about The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. 

Sarah’s dad lost his battle with ALS in October 2021. So, Ashley asked her if she would consider rejoining Bachelor Nation now that her father has passed and it might be easier to be away. Sarah dropped a bombshell admitting that production had reached out to her to speak about possibly becoming The Bachelorette after Matt’s season.

Sarah Trott ruins Matt's group date

Sarah said she was in talks and she knows many others were too. Ultimately, they chose Katie Thurston and Michelle Young as the next leads. Of course, Sarah was then asked about BIP. She shared that production had also reached out to her about that but she didn’t go.

Ashley and Ben asked about this summer and Sarah said she didn’t know. Then, she actually said she wasn’t going this summer. However, she also insinuated that she had been asked. Sarah said maybe she should call them back and tell them she changed her mind.

Ben and Ashley were all for it and even put a plea out to any producer listening to get in touch with Sarah. Ashley assured her she would not regret it and would look back on the experience fondly.

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She is an advocate for ALS

Since losing her dad in 2021 to ALS, Sarah has become an advocate for ALS. She is doing her best to raise awareness of the disease which currently has no cure.

Sarah talked to Ben and Ashley saying with the research being done now that there could be a cure in this generation’s lifetime.

Ben shared with everyone that he also has a friend who is suffering from the disease.

What do you think about Sarah possibly making a return to Bachelor Nation?

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