Demi Rose Arches Back & Flashes Nude Bikini Line

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Demi Rose is back with another stunning bikini photo, and this time, she’s not wearing any bottoms. Keep reading for all the details on Demi’s stunning look on Instagram and to see the juicy photo she shared with her followers.

Demi Rose arches her back

In a new photo on Instagram, Demi Rose has jaws dropping as she arches her back on the edge of a pool. The brunette beauty took to Instagram to share a seductive photo of herself with her 20.1 million followers. In the photo, Demi opted for a blue bikini top to start. The top is dotted with dainty, playful white flowers while the straps consist of white, plastic rings, giving the whole thing a very groovy vibe. Of course, her cleavage is nearly bursting out of the tiny, fun top. However, the innocent playfulness ends there. On the bottom, Demi opted to go totally nude.

Demi Rose With HIgh Ponytail [Source: Demi Rose - Instagram]
[Source: Demi Rose – Instagram]
Although bottomless, the model still kept things classy. a single piece of fabric is draped across Demi’s bent legs, keeping anything that needs to be covered, covered. However, that certainly doesn’t take away from the impact of the photo. Most of that is thanks to Demi’s on-camera skills.

The star has her long hair piled up behind her head, effortlessly. To finish things off, she throws her arms behind her head and dramatically arches her back, giving fans a good look at her itty-bitty waist. Her soft, pale skin is highlighted with a subtle glam makeup look. Of course, Demi knows to smile for the camera, keeping just a soft smile on her face while she closes her perfectly shadowed eyes.


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She means business

In another photo, Demi turns things up a bit, opening her eyes and staring directly into the camera intensely. This, once again, tones down some of those playful aspects and shows Demi means business when it comes to modeling and showing off her body.

Of course, fans are obsessed with Demi, and this no-pants look seems to make them love her even more. They took to her comment section to hype her up and show their love for her.

  • “Gorgeous 🔥🔥,” one writes.
  • “ANGELIC GODDESS,” another adds.
  • “Beautiful vibes 😍😍 ,” a third says.

Do you follow Demi Rose on Instagram? If not, will you after seeing this photo? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below. Come back for more on all of your favorite Instagram models and reality TV stars!

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