Ariana Madix Clarifies The Breakup ‘Suicide’ Comment

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Ariana Madix is clarifying the breakup suicide comment that Tom Sandoval dropped. He said it both during his Howie Mandel interview and in the Season 10 finale to Scheana Shay. Yet, Madix wants to clarify what was actually said and how it was taken out of context. Was she at that point? Read on for more details.

Ariana Madix Clarifies The Breakup ‘Suicide’ Comment

During Tom Sandoval’s Howie Mandel podcast interview, he discussed trying to break up with Ariana Madix. At one point, he alleged that she said she was going to commit suicide. More so, he claimed that she was going to quit the show, leave the state, etc. In the Season 10 Vanderpump Rules finale, he even shared this detail with Madix’s best friend, Scheana Shay. To that, Shay reminded him that he chose to sleep with her best friend, Raquel Leviss instead. Additionally, Shay said that if Ariana was going to go to such an extreme, he could have broken up with her. Then, called family and friends so that they could pick up the pieces.

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Now, on Wednesday, May 24th episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, Ariana Madix is clarifying all of this. She does share that she has had suicidal thoughts in the past. More so, she has openly suffered from depression which has been seen on the show. However, she did not say she would kill herself if they broke up. What she did say was that, if they broke up, she would leave the show, move, and reactive her social media. It was a very long conversation that she and Sandoval had.

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The bottom line was that Ariana Madix was saying the life that she was currently living with Tom would be over. That would be dead not her. As for moving, Ariana Madix revealed that she had always dreamed of moving to the French Countryside. Therefore, that could have been an option. It was discussed that to bring up her committing suicide on camera was in poor taste and something that never should have happened at all.

They Tried

Ariana Madix let listeners know that she and Tom Sandoval had been trying. She had photos on her camera roll up until February of them happy and enjoying life. Yet, she does maintain that she was more than willing to work it out and go the long haul. Furthermore, Ariana shared that she did say it was Tom who would have had to end the relationship. If it was going to be over, he would just have to come out and say it as opposed to keep hanging on.

Do you think Tom Sandoval exploited Ariana Madix’s prior mental health struggles to make himself look better? Let us know in the comments and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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