Joe Amabile Shares Inside Info On Upcoming Wedding

Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile via Insta 2

Bachelor in Paradise favorites Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt are headed to the altar and he’s sharing some inside details about their big day. The couple legally got married late last year. However, they have always planned on having an actual wedding to celebrate their love with family and friends. Keep reading to find out about their wedding and what Joe shared with fans.

Joe Amabile shares what he’s most excited about for the upcoming wedding

There are a lot of weddings happening in Bachelor Nation this year. One of those is Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt. On a recent episode of Click Bait, Joe answered fans burning questions about their upcoming wedding.

Fans already know the wedding will take place in September. It was also recently shared that they had decided to wed in Charleston, South Carolina. Serena had shared photos on Instagram of their venue which is breathtaking. When she shared the information she said, “Such a gorgeous trip to Charleston! Next time we go will be for our WEDDING AHHHH!!!”

They also recently did food tastings for their big day. Serena documented their trip on their YouTube channel which can be seen below.

As for Joe and the newest questions from fans, he had a few things he was willing to share. Someone wanted to know what he was most excited about on their wedding day. Joe revealed it is their vows that is most excited about. He is also a little bit nervous about exchanging vows but once they are done the party will begin.

Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile via Insta 1

More details

Joe also shared that DWTS pro dancer Alan Bersten wants to choreograph a dance for him and Serena to do at the reception. It hasn’t been officially decided if that will happen or not.

Another fan asked Joe if he and Serena would be doing a first look before the ceremony. His response? Joe said, “I actually do know the answer to this, but I do not feel comfortable saying right now… I would tell you, but I don’t think Serena wants that information out there right now.”

Other fans wanted to know if Joe and Serena are exchanging gifts the morning of their wedding. He admitted he knew nothing of this tradition so had no idea if this would happen or not.

Other Bachelor weddings

One fan asked if Joe and Serena’s wedding fell on any other wedding date of fellow Bachelor alums. He revealed that none of them coordinated dates but luckily nobody picked the same day although they are really close.

Other weddings happening are Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin, Teddi Wright and her fiance Nicholas, Nick Viall and Natalie Joy and finally Andi Dorfman and Blaine Hart.



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