Ariana Madix Rebuilding After Trust Shattered

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Ariana Madix is trying to rebuild her trust after it was shattered by her boyfriend and best friend. When she learned that her boyfriend of nine years, Tom Sandoval had been unfaithful, it broke her. What added insult to injury was that he had been doing it with a close friend, Raquel Leviss. How does one get over that betrayal? Is it even possible? Ariana is sharing how she is doing now, nearly three months later. Read on for more details.

Ariana Madix Rebuilding After Trust Shattered

Filming stopped for Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules in September 2022. Then, Ariana Madix saw Tom Sandoval’s phone in March 2023 and realized he had been unfaithful to her. Cameras went back up immediately and captured the downfall of their relationship. She clearly was done with Sandoval and wanted nothing further to do with him or Raquel Leviss. Of course, they still had to film the reunion together which was just as hard. Luckily, Ariana had the support of most of the cast and the fans so she felt elevated.

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Additionally, Ariana Madix was seen out with a new man while at Coachella, Daniel Wai. This helped her out a lot and she was glowing like never before. According to People, she is sharing how she is trying to learn how to trust again. “When this first happened, I really thought, ‘I don’t know how I can trust anyone again. A friend of mine — about 10, 11 days after I found out — encouraged me not to lose that part of myself; to still see the good in people, and to trust people, and to be loyal to my friends and my relationships. And I was kind of like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know about that…’ ”

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So, how was Ariana able to forge ahead? She listened to that friend and others who were saying similar things to her and that helped out immensely. Yes, it is a slow process but she is doing the best that she can to go on with her life. She has been working on a few ads and collaborations to earn money. Plus, she has seemingly opened her heart to someone new who her friends really do appreciate.

A New Lease On Life

Ariana Madix has said that she wants to move out of the home she shares with Tom Sandoval. At the same time, they both share it so this will be tricky. She appeared to be packing up and moving on and up but that may not have been completely true. However, it looks like she is living her best life and has grown more from this experience than she ever could have imagined.

Are you happy that Ariana Madix is learning to trust again? Can you imagine how hard it has been for her? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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