‘Chainsaw Man’ Season 2 In Doubt As BTS Drama Rumors Swirl

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Nick Davis

Chainsaw Man Season 2 is a big question mark concerning drama apparently going on behind the scenes.

Chainsaw Man Season 1 was a success. Its massive manga fanbase was always going to make the series a hit as long as the anime adaptation kept the tone. Season 1 certainly does that in many ways. However, some fans don’t think the anime is faithful enough to the true core of what makes the manga so great. The result of this is many calling for a replacement of Season 1’s director. And those calls seem to have put the future of the show in an uncertain limbo.

A New Director?

The problem stems from the animation direction that the anime production studio MAPPA chose to go with.  The Chainsaw Man manga is certainly not known for its hyper-realistic artwork. If anything, the more “cartoon-ey” look to the manga is part of its appeal for many. It’s what makes much of the humor and over-the-top fighting pop. For many fans, the style and punch behind much of the show’s content is then lost in its animation.

chainsaw man power anime
Power of ‘Chainsaw Man’

In Japan, some fans were so unhappy that they made a petition calling for the firing of Chainsaw Man Season 1 director Ryuu Nakayama. Nakayama has been an animation director of major anime in the past like Jujutsu Kaisen and Black CloverChainsaw Man is his first time taking on the daunting task of series director for a major anime, however.

Despite the success of Season 1, a second season for Chainsaw Man still mysteriously has no announcement. The exact nature of what’s going on behind the scenes at MAPPA to delay Season 2’s announcement is officially unknown. It’s possible that all the drama surrounding fan reception to the season has something to do with it. There are a few other reasons why any animation studio would want to delay the Season 2 of a show that was, overall, extremely successful.

The Future Of Chainsaw Man

The future of the Chainsaw Man anime hangs in a strange place right now. It seems inevitable, however, that a Season 2 will eventually get an announcement. It may just be a matter of lining up the talent that will be onboard before the announcement comes.

What isn’t in doubt is the future of the manga, which is the most successful it’s ever been at the moment. In the US, it just won a Harvey Award for “Best Manga”, which can go on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s ever-growing list of accolades for his work. As long as the manga continues to be a hit, there will always be an anime, in some form, in the pipeline.

denji and pochita chainsaw man
Denji and Pochita of ‘Chainsaw Man’

Chainsaw Man Season 2 has no official announcement as of writing this. The entirety of Season 1 is available for streaming on Crunchyroll now.

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