Katie Thurston Spills ‘Bachelor’ Secrets, Including Fantasy Suites

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The Bachelorette Katie Thurston is spilling secrets about The Bachelor franchise including the fantasy suites. She appeared on a comedy podcast this week where she spilled the tea on a lot of things. In true Katie fashion, she was blunt with her answers to questions while also trying to not shame anyone. Keep reading to find out more about Katie’s explosive interview.

Katie Thurston spills Bachelor secrets

Bachelorette Katie Thurston spilled some tea on the ScissorBros podcast. While Katie admits it is better to choose her words carefully to keep the peace in intense Bachelor Nation she did share some interesting information. The podcast hosts, who are unfamiliar with the show, asked Katie tons of questions about her time as the lead and even questions about being engaged to Blake Moynes.

They kept the conversation humorous by asking her silly questions such as if she Blake passed gas in front of one another. Her answer? Laughingly, she said they were not in a relationship long enough to reach that point. Katie also dished revealed that the total amount of time she spent with Blake before getting engaged was probably only 24 hours with eight of those being in the fantasy suite.

This brought up questions about the fantasy suite date of course. One host asked Katie what happened on that date. Katie said, “We f*cked.” The shocked hosts prodded further and asked more about the date. As Bachelor Nation knows, she said being alone with someone in the fantasy suite is really the first time they can have privacy away from mics and cameras.

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Katie shared that it took a while before they “did it.” She mentioned that the lead can request anything they want for the fantasy suites. If she would have requested adult toys she would have been given them. When asked what she did request, Katie shared that she asked for lots of desserts and wines. She noted she is a basic girl.

The conversation went deeper when the hosts tried to tempt Katie into shaming a particular body part of Blake’s. She took the high road and answered the question well.

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes via Instagram

What else did she say?

Katie also shared that in her past dating experiences, she has dated some chubbier men. She told producers she wanted a variety of guys to include some with this body type. Katie said she was not allowed to reveal names but said a person in a higher-up position said having a chubbier man would never happen.

The hosts also grilled Katie on which famous celebrities she’s attracted to. She immediately denied Leonardo DiCaprio while saying that Jason Momoa was okay but she really thinks Henry Golding is someone she would be attracted to. She noted loving his looks and accent.

As for her time as the lead, Katie said she tried to remain open-minded about all the men there. However, she noted it would be more beneficial for the lead to focus on just a few guys because there just isn’t enough time to get to know them.

What do you think about Katie’s crazy new interview? Are you surprised she’s so blunt?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation faves.

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