Ariel Frankel Heading To ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 9?

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Ariel Frankel became a fan favorite during The Bachelor and now fans want to know if they will be seeing her on Bachelor in Paradise Season 9. She finished third on Zach Shallcross’ season and left the show with dignity and grace. Fans can’t get enough of her classy attitude and gorgeous good looks. Will everyone be seeing her on the Mexico beach this summer? Keep reading to find out more.

Will Ariel Frankel be joining Bachelor in Paradise Season 9?

Fans love Ariel Frankel and her classy attitude. One fan recently noted that Ariel is not only the most beautiful and intelligent woman to ever be on the show, but this fan also said Ariel is the coolest because of her love for Vanderpump Rules. Many hoped that when Zach Shallcross sent her home that she would ultimately be chosen as The Bachelorette. Obviously, that did not happen and Charity Lawson was named the lead. However, there is another opportunity for Ariel to try and find love. She can head to Mexico to look for love on the beach during Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise. 

What has Ariel said about the possibility of this becoming a reality? Ariel previously shared with Nick Viall that she wasn’t saying no to the idea but wasn’t sure about it. She said, “We’ll see. It’s the same thing with overnights, right? I don’t say things and then go against them. So, I’m always open-minded, but I don’t know how I feel about returning to something like that.”

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Ariel continued by adding, “I also feel like the beach would be very different than what I experienced.” Nick told Ariel it would be different and that she should most definitely give it a try.

When she was asked she didn’t really think it was for her she started by laughingly saying she hates the heat and doesn’t do well in it.  Then she said, “I don’t know. I feel like I put myself out there so much in this past situation; I feel like it could be hard for me to go through that again.”

So, it seems Ariel isn’t quite decided if she will head to the beach this summer but fans sure hope to see her.

Ariel Frankel via INstagram

She wasn’t sure if Zach would align with her family

While speaking recently, Ariel also revealed that she wasn’t sure after spending time with Zach in the fantasy suite if their families would have aligned. She came to realize that the conversations Zach had with her family during hometown dates were not exactly what she thought. It didn’t go as smoothly as she had envisioned.

So, while Ariel doesn’t necessarily let her family control her life and relationships, it is important they all can get along and align. It seems things worked out the way they were supposed to. Ultimately, Zach proposed to Kaity Biggar and Ariel wishes the two of them nothing but the best.

Stay tuned for more updates and to see if Ariel decides to go on BIP.



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