Amy & Matt Roloff Accused Of Ignoring Alleged Bullying Problem?

Amy Roloff - Matt Roloff YOutube

A young lady who went to school with Jacob Roloff has leaked a shocking story on Reddit that has painted a very unflattering picture of the type of parents Amy and Matt were. What was this shocking story about? And, why did it make Amy and Matt look bad? Keep reading for the details.

What was the shocking story about?

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, a shocking story from Jacob Roloff’s childhood leaked in a thread on Reddit that has now been deleted. In this thread, a young woman claimed she went to school with Jacob. She revealed that he led her to believe he was interested in her, asked her out on a date, and stood her up. Then, he made fun of her to the entire class, started rumors about her, and cyberbullied her.

Jacob and Amy Roloff, Instagram

Amy and Matt Roloff turned cheek to bad behavior?

The young lady explained that her parents tried to approach Matt and Amy Roloff to discuss what Jacob was doing to her. Matt and Amy, however, refused to give her parents the time of day. Turns out, Amy and Matt accused this young lady’s parents of just trying to get on television and wanting some of their money.

Her parents, however, wanted nothing to do with reality TV. And, they could have cared less about Matt and Amy’s money. They simply wanted Jacob to stop terrorizing their daughter in school.

Jacob’s former classmate revealed: “Amy was oblivious to the wrongdoings of her son. When my parents consulted with her and Matt, they actually accused my parents of just being after their money.”

Matt Roloff and Amy - YouTube
Matt Roloff and Amy – YouTube

Fans previously accused Amy Roloff of being rude?

Now, this wouldn’t be the first time fans have recalled a public encounter with Amy Roloff that turned into something rude and nasty. Unfortunately, the TLC star has a reputation for not taking kindly to fans wanting some of her attention when they run into her in public. While fans understand she’s entitled to a little privacy, they are shocked that she tends to shut fans down instead of engaging with them.

Jacob Roloff - Reddit
Jacob Roloff – Reddit

Does it surprise you to learn Amy and Matt Roloff wouldn’t face problems their children caused in school because of their reality TV fame? Does it surprise you to learn Jacob Roloff was a bully when he was growing up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Little People, Big World news.

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