‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Update: Are Allen And Khelsi Together?

Farmer Wants A Wife Khelsi and Allen

Farmer Wants A Wife updates are slowly coming out. If you are curious about Allen Foster and Khelsi we have the details about if this couple is still together or not. Meghan and Hunter already revealed that they are still dating. Things didn’t work out for Ryan and Haley. Keep reading for details on how Allen and Khelsi are doing now.

Allen And Khelsi’s Ending

On Farmer Wants A Wife, Allen explained that he wanted a life partner. He was hoping to find love and he chose Khelsi in the end. This show didn’t end in proposals or anything, though. Allen asked Khelsi if she wanted to take things further. She told him that he had scared her. Khelsi said that she wanted to try things with Allen.

Allen explained to Khelsi that she didn’t need to worry. She wanted to try life with him on the farm and elsewhere together. No word on if she ever moved to the farm, but picking her didn’t mean that was the plan right away. She shared that she was “ready for it to be just us.” They were both glad that it was over. Next, it was time for them to try being a couple without the cameras around.

Are Farmer Wants A Wife Couple Allen And Khelsi Still Together?

Allen Foster went to his Instagram to share how these two are doing today. He didn’t give a lot of details, but things didn’t work out for this Farmer Wants A Wife couple.


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Allen shared saying, “What an incredible journey and opportunity this has been! I came into this with an open mind and open heart! Farmer Wants a Wife didn’t end how I’d hope as far as a relationship, however, I have gained friendships and had opportunities that will last a lifetime! I truly am a blessed man to have been apart of this journey! Thank you all for the kindness and support! #farmerwantsawife.” The show was filmed a long time ago and he didn’t give any details of why it didn’t work out for them. Fans would love to hear from Khelsi as well.

Are you shocked to hear that Allen and Khelsi of Farmer Wants A Wife didn’t work out? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss this show when it returns for Season 2 on Fox.

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  1. I am not surprised don’t think any of the girls were the one for Allen. I liked Rebecca a lot and I believe Allen did too but didn’t want to interfere with her horse training business. I hope they do remain friends though all of this. There just was not a love connection with any of the girls

    1. I agree fully with Roxie. He should have picked Rebecca. They had everything in common and could have worked things out with some compromise.

  2. I am very upset that Allen wasn’t serious about Kelsi! I thought she was so cute with him and a real sweet heart. Allen doesn’t know what he wants so why did he wast his time going on the show!!! That was hateful doing that to Kelsi !! I really liked him but not now NOPE !!! Kelsi move on honey, it’s his loss not yours, he wants to play games, he needs to grow up !!!

  3. Allen this very well could have been way too much for you … I think it’ll happen eventually…this was kinda like having a weekend pass at a super fun resort full of models … heck if I had 8 guys to choose from we would need at least 3 seasons…its not your fault…take time

  4. Knew it would not work for you & Kehlsi. She was too immature/ young for you & this is not a slam on her it is simply a fact of life experiences . Was so hoping you would have picked Rebecca but felt you did not because you are not looking for an independent, equal woman in life. Divorce puts a lot of walls up & you are not ready for another commitment. Did admire how you never showed favoritism & was so respectful of all the ladies. Such trash on TV , so this show was a breath of fresh air. Do not pick a lady that is too family centered / living @ home, same city too young or focused on their hair/makeup/ nails! The show should have picked some ladies who have LIVED in country/ farm/ranch & your age or older . Life experiences/ background are so important


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