Randall Emmett Bashes ‘Negative’ Hulu Doc As ‘Biased’

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Film producer Randall Emmett is bashing the latest Hulu documentary about him. He is calling it both ‘negative’ and ‘biased.’ The scathing documentary, The Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing, and Vanderpump premieres May 22nd on Hulu. However, he will not appear in it in any proper capacity. Yet, he is quite verbal as to how he feels about the piece and why he believes it was made. Read on for more details.

Randall Emmett Bashes ‘Negative’ Hulu Doc As ‘Biased’

In Season 5 of Vanderpump Rules, SUR hostess Lala Kent was being called out left and right. She was allegedly dating a married man, something she vehemently denied. Though she was receiving lavish gifts, including a Range Rover, no one believed the story she was telling. She defended her romance all season until she ultimately left SUR only to return the following season. It was not until Season 7 that she publicly showed off her beau, Randall Emmett. He was a film producer who had been married to Ambyr Childers when they met. However, he maintained that they were separated. This may not have been necessarily the truth.

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By Season 9, Randall Emmett and Lala Kent had a baby girl, his third child as he had two with Ambyr and they were engaged. Unfortunately, he was caught being unfaithful among other things and they broke up by the reunion. Lala and Randall were soon embroiled in a custody battle and lawsuits were being filed by people who had worked with him. Now, a Hulu doc has been made about him and the downfall of his once-promising career working with Martin Scorcese, John Travolta, and more.

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Of course, Randall Emmett is not happy with how he is being portrayed at all. According to Page Six, he had this to say via statement: “Almost one year ago the Los Angeles Times wrote a highly biased and factually inaccurate hit piece on me. One of the writers, Amy Kaufman, seemed to have a personal vendetta against me, I believe due to her alleged friendship with my ex Lala Kent. Among other things, the article contained fictitious and greatly exaggerated stories made up by a few former disgruntled employees who had been dismissed.”

Lala Kent Joins The Chat

Randall Emmett’s ex-fiancee, Lala Kent is involved in the documentary though not interviewed. However, Emmett believes it is due to their custody battle. In the trailer, Kent’s mother is seen crying while her younger brother is visibly angry. Clearly, Randall is not participating in it. He believes that it was “biased” and that little fact-checking occurred during the process.

Additionally, he thinks those interviewed were asked to say bad things about him. Yet, the LA Times is standing by their reporters and the findings. It will be interesting to see what viewers have to say upon watching the documentary.

Do you think that Randall Emmett is trying to sway people from watching the documentary? More so, do you think this will ultimately backfire, causing Vanderpump fans to be even more curious? Let us know and watch The Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing, and Vanderpump May 22nd on Hulu.

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