‘Family Guy’ Creator Seth MacFarlane QUITS After 24 Years

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Shocking news dropped recently as Family Guy and American Dad! creator Seth MacFarlane QUITS after 24 years. Turns out, he wasn’t alone in this decision. American Dad! showrunners Brian Boyle and Matt Weitzman as well as Family Guy showrunners Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin joined Seth MacFarlane in quitting.

What caused Seth MacFarlane to quit and so many showrunners from Family Guy and American Dad! to follow him out the door? What does this mean for the future of these shows? Keep reading for the shocking information.

Lois Griffin - Stewie - Family Guy - YouTube
Lois Griffin – Stewie – Family Guy – YouTube

Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane QUITS After 24 Years

According to Deadline, Seth MacFarlane as well as showrunners Brian Boyle, Matt Weitzman, Rich Appel, and Alec Sulkin are out the door with no plans of coming back until a deal is reached for the Writer’s Guild of America. 

Now, Seth MacFarlane quitting and walking out the door in support of the WGA was not shocking to everyone as he’s always been a huge advocate of the guild. Likewise, he played a huge role of support to the WGA during the strike of 2007-2008.

How Will This Dramatic Move Impact These Shows?

According to Deadline, fans of American! Dad and Family Guy seemingly have little to worry about as far as the future of either show goes. Season 21 of Family Guy concluded on May 7th. And, Season 20 of American Dad! started airing in March. Moreover, sources tell Deadline that American Dad! has roughly three months of scripts ready to go.

In January of this year, Fox also made the decision to renew Family Guy for two more seasons (Seasons 22 and 23). The network also renewed American Dad! for Seasons 20 and 21 last year.

Brian Boyle, Matt Weitzman, Rich Appel, and Alec Sulkin (as well as many other showrunners) all received letters a week ago which informed them they were still required to show up to work to complete their “non-WGA duties.” Deadline notes defining what work responsibilities do and don’t fall under the category of WGA duties have made for an intense discussion. Per the guild’s point-of-view, everything is viewed as a WGA responsibility as there’s a writing aspect to every responsibility of a showrunner.

While fans of Family Guy and American Dad! are understandably bummed by this news, many have joined in celebrating Seth for doing what he can to help the WGA.

Here’s what one fan had to say in support of Seth in regard to his bold move: “MacFarlane deserves so much credit for using his power to do the right thing; so many in positions like his don’t. But even more impressively, he did the same thing 25 years ago to help get these shows covered when he had no power and everything to lose. Great guy.”

Other individuals, however, noted it is a bit of an “empty gesture” as it will have no impact on the immediate future of either series.

Did your jaw hit the floor when you learned Family Guy and American Dad! creator Seth MacFarlane quit after 29 years? Were you surprised to learn so many showrunners from both TV shows followed him out the door? Do you think the future of either show is in jeopardy now? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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