Kelly Clarkson Responds To Toxic Work Accusations On Her Show

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Kelly Clarkson has responded to the allegations of a toxic work environment behind the scenes on her daytime talk show. The allegations came from 11 different people, including one who still works on the show. However, in the original report, the sources said they don’t believe Kelly knows about the problems.

Here is what Kelly said after the report broke and what her plans are following these accusations.

Kelly Clarkson responds to toxic work allegations

After the report hit, most sources who made the toxic work environment allegations said they don’t believe Kelly Clarkson even knew. They even said that if she did, they feel she would do something to fix it. That seems like it might be a fact.

In her response, which she posted in multiple posts on Facebook, Kelly approached the idea of the toxic work environment and what she pledges to do about it. Kelly started out by saying that she has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years and she has always led with her heart. She then said she loves her team on The Kelly Clarkson Show and she called it unacceptable that anyone on her team was feeling “unheard or disrespected.”

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She went on to say she is committed to maintaining a “safe and healthy environment” as they prepare to move to the East Coast. This is in reference to The Kelly Clarkson Show moving from California to New York for the upcoming season. She will then fully integrate her show into the flagship program, replacing Ellen DeGeneres in that role. She then made an interesting comment about the “new team in NY’ being comprised of the “best and kindest in the business.”

Kelly also said there will be leadership training for the entire senior staff, including herself. She finished by saying there is always room to grow, “to ensure that any notion of toxicity is eradicated.”

What were the claims against The Kelly Clarkson Show

As aforementioned, it wasn’t Kelly Clarkson that was blamed for the toxic work environment. They laid the blame on showrunner Alex Duda, who also worked on Steve Harvey and The Tyra Banks Show. The staffers who voiced their displeasure said she would often curse at them and belittle them. They also said that other producers working with Duda also treated the staff terribly.

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There were also seven different former staff members who took their complaints to HR. One of them even received a follow-up and agreement that it was wrong. However, HR did nothing to fix the problem on the show. When Kelly mentioned a new staff for New York City, it will be interesting to see if Alex Duda joins her there. If Duda was the problem, there is always a chance the show could see a change in showrunners. However, that is something that the network and Kelly herself will have to deal with before the next season begins.

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