‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rain Brown Claps Back At Troll Online

Rain Brown from Alaskan Bush People / YouTube

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown is never one to back down from trolls and delivered a perfect clap back to one on Instagram. This was one of the ongoing trolls who act like the family still lives in Alaska and should look dirty and grungy all the time.

However, Rain had other ideas for her life and let the troll know what she thought.

Rain Brown claps back at Alaskan Bush People troll

Rain Brown turned 20 years old last year. It was a tough time for Rain in the last year of her teens as she checked herself into a mental health facility to get help with her depression issues. Between her dad’s death and her belief she needed to care for her older siblings, she lost touch with herself.

Thankfully, Rain got the help she needed. She has been a little more open recently on social media as a result. On top of starting her own Cameo account, she is also very active on Instagram and even has a TikTok account. On the Instagram page, she often posts photos of the beautiful land where she lives and also selfies of herself when she feels pretty.

Rain Brown from Alaskan Bush People / YouTube

This week, Rain posted a photo of herself in full makeup and included the caption, “For all you naysayers that don’t think my hair is naturally curly 😏 how’s your tongue taste?” She had long curls flowing, a pink hairpiece, and bright red lipstick. She also wore her glasses and had some necklaces on. It was clear she felt very pretty when she posted the photo.

While most of her fans gushed over her appearance, at least one troll decided to make fun of her. That person posted, “Isn’t she a Alaskan bush person?? Lol.” Thankfully, it didn’t get Rain down and she quickly responded by writing, “I prefer bush Barbie actually.” It was a perfect response to a troll who only wanted to make her feel bad about herself.

Rain Brown has been suffering mental health issues

Last season on Alaskan Bush People, things were scary for more than one member of the family. It started when Bird Brown learned she had two tumors and needed to have them removed. This led to a cancer scare, but then Bird wanted to go to Alaska with her brother Noah to discover herself.

Rain, the youngest member of the family, chose to go so she could watch and care for Bird during this tough time. Rain was also the most experienced sailor in the family and she took control of piloting their boat through storms. However, things got bad for Bird at this time.

Rain Brown IG

At only 19 at the time, Rain had never reconciled her feelings after losing her dad the previous year. Now, with her responsible for safely piloting them in Alaska and caring for her older sister, Rain had a breakdown in Alaska. When they returned home, she checked herself into a mental health facility without seeing any of her family members.

Luckily, she got out and talked about how much she learned there and seemed ready to turn the corner. It also seemed to help since she has learned not to let the rude trolls in the world get her down.

What did you think about Rain Brown’s photo? Do fans have the right to publically insult celebrities on their own profiles, or should they show more respect? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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