‘Pokemon Ultimate Journeys’ When Will Ash’s Victory Hit Netflix?

pokemon ultimate journeys ash champion league victory
Nick Davis

Netflix recently gave the announcement about when new Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episodes would hit the platform.

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys gave its sendoff to Ash Ketchum earlier this year. The new series, Pokemon Horizons, is now well in swing. However, the original series still hasn’t quite come to its conclusion in the USA. That’s because the dub still hasn’t caught up on most of the episodes of the final season. Currently, Netflix has up to Episode 27 out of 57 episodes total before fans say goodbye to Ash. Now, the streaming giant has given the date when Ash Ketchum fans will get to see the latest English dub installments.

Ash As Top Trainer

The official announcement came via Netflix recently that the next batch of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episodes is dropping this summer. Starting June 23rd, new English dub episodes will begin to hit the platform. It isn’t fully known exactly how many episodes will be dropping this time around before another hiatus hits. It is billed as “Part 3” of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys. More so, the key English dub voice actors have also said that it will include Ash’s climactic victory to become the Pokemon Champion.

pokemon ultimate journeys poster
The poster for ‘Pokemon Ultimate Journeys’

That would mean at least 14 episodes getting fans all the way from Episode 28 to 42. This does make sense with the release pattern thus far. The first two batches of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episodes both had 13-14 episodes each. After this latest batch of episodes, all that will be left is the final 15 episodes to wrap up Ash’s adventure for good. Obviously, all of this is already out and available to watch for anyone who prefers Japanese audio with subtitles in whatever language of your choice. For those who prefer the English dub, however, the final episodes likely won’t begin premiering until late 2023 at the earliest. More than likely, Ash’s final sendoff will have to wait until 2024.

Pokemon Horizons

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys is still far from over in the West. So Pokemon Horizons remains, ironically, far over the horizon for an English release. The show won’t get its English premiere until Ultimate Journeys is over. Plus, it was established earlier this won’t be happening until early to mid-2024 at the earliest. This puts the first Pokemon Horizons episodes on Netflix probably sometime in mid to late 2024.

That may be a long time to wait for fans who are anxious to finally get to see the new characters and Paldea region Pokemon. If that’s the case, the Japanese version of the show may be the way to go.

pokemon horizons poster
The poster for ‘Pokemon Horizons’

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys will be adding the next batch of episodes on June 23rd.

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