Katie Maloney Reveals Current Feelings On ‘Scandoval’

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Katie Maloney is sharing her current thoughts on ‘Scandoval.’ This comes over two months after the affair news initially broke. Additionally, the Vanderpump Rules cast gathered at the end of March to film the reunion. That was where they finally got to confront Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval about their romance. So, what does Katie have to say now that some time has passed? Read on for more details.

Katie Maloney Reveals Current Feelings On ‘Scandoval’

Viewers are watching the Tom Sandoval/Raquel Leviss cheating scandal unfold right before their very eyes. Due to the information known, the affair started in August 2022, right before Scheana Shay’s Mexico wedding. It is now September on the series but Wednesday night’s episode was actually supposed to serve as the finale. Tom Sandoval and his longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix were hoping to work on their nine-year relationship. Then, the affair shook the Bravo-verse and cameras went right back up in March. Though the cast was suspicious of Raquel and Sandoval’s very close relationship, they never actually expected this bomb to drop.

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Wednesday night, after the former finale, Katie Maloney was on WWHL. Of course, Raquel had been awful to Katie’s mother, Teri in the episode and was interfering where she did not belong. So, obviously reliving that wasn’t a fun experience for Katie. When she was asked how she feels about ‘Scandoval’ after all of this time, she had two answers. Sometimes, she feels angry and then other times, she is angrier. Yet, the sandwich shop owner has a reason for feeling this way.

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Katie explained to host Andy Cohen that she did not feel that she got enough from Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss. She wanted more answers and still does. Plus, she did not get to say all that she wanted and maybe that comes from rewatching the episodes. However, she did note that she stands by her theory that they should just stay together. In her mind, at this point, who else would want them? As for Raquel being at a mental health facility, Katie Maloney just chuckled and rolled her eyes. There are rumors Leviss is actually at a spa so it was not a jab at mental health.

The Explosive Finale

Lala Kent had revealed that, as of the time of filming the reunion, the cast had not seen the newly filmed and edited finale. So, what everyone saw last night was what the cast assumed was the finale. This episode ended with Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix presenting their new restaurant shop, Something About Her. Yet, next week will show everyone learning about the affair six months later and the downfall from the revelation. It was heartbreaking as they all love Ariana Madix and did not want to see her go through this betrayal. However, she seems to be coming out stronger than ever.

What are your current feelings about ‘Scandoval’ as time has gone on? Do the episodes make you even more infuriated that this was all going on behind the scenes? Let us know and watch the Season 10 finale of Vanderpump Rules Wednesday on Bravo.




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  1. I know what Tom and Raquel did was definitely wrong, but why ask Katie her opinion? She is a very negative, nasty person to begin with!

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