Is Kim Kardashian Dating A Laker?

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Lately, Kim Kardashian has been spotted at the Lakers’ games more and more. She is starting to be a permanent part of the stands. Many speculations have surfaced as to her uptick in game-going. Some answers seem to be coming to the surface.

Why Has Kim Kardashian Begun Frequenting Laker Games?

Kim Kardashian could be spotted at games 3 and 4 of the Lakers vs. Warriors this week. She was seen as the cameras panned to Kim sitting courtside with her friend Sarah Staudinger. As a result, the internet surged with questions of whether Kim was there to support a possible love interest. Kim Kardashian has been working on herself since her divorce from Kanye West. She recently said she was open to dating. Likewise, single Kardashians even joked about what it would be like to go on the Netflix hit series Love Is Blind together. TMZ reports their sources say that Kim Kardashian is going to the games to support the local Lakers team. Although Kim K. is entertaining the idea of finding love again, “Kim sources” say Kim isn’t dating anyone on either team. Instead, she was just there to hang with her friend.


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Cheering On The Team

Since Kim Kardashian started going to the Lakers’ games regularly, she has been able to cheer on Tristan Thompson. The courtside seats belong to Kim’s agent, Ari Emanuel. He also happens to be Sarah Staudinger’s husband. With this being the case, it is easy for Kim Kardashian and Sarah Stadinger to get two of the best seats in the house to watch the game.

Along with supporting the Lakers, Kim Kardashian has also shown her sporty side by attending her kids’ soccer games. She and Kanye West were recently at a soccer game over the weekend to show up for their kids. During the past few years, she has taken her kids to events both in L.A. and even in Paris. Also on her frequent flyer list are the L.A. Rams’ games with her son Saint. Additionally, she took Saint to one of the Lakers’ playoff games.


So whether it is a “love attraction” or simply “love of the game”, Kim Kardashian is seemingly bringing the Lakers some luck with her presence. The team won all the games she attended recently. Lakers Lady Luck might just be Kim K!

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