Lala Kent Reveals Re-Edits Did Happen, Where?

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Lala Kent is revealing that Vanderpump Rules re-edits did end up happening. Yet, where did they end up happening on the show? Since ‘Scandoval’ broke and cameras went back up, the cast maintained the episodes were organic. Nothing had been changed or added. However, Lala has seen Season 10 Episode 13, and is now opening up about what was added in. Read on for more details.

Lala Kent Reveals Re-Edits Did Happen, Where?

On her podcast, Give Them Lala, Lala Kent breaks down the episodes of Vanderpump Rules every week. She shares insider insight as to what actually happened when they were filming. Now that the season is preparing to come to a close, it is blatantly obvious that something was going on between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss. They were spotted dancing alone at The Abbey by James Kennedy’s girlfriend, Ally Lewber. Then, she spent the night at the home he shares with Ariana Madix. At the time, Sandoval and Madix had been together almost a decade but she was away in Florida.

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Her grandma had just passed so she was making the arrangement with her family. Though Sandoval acted as if nothing happened between himself and Raquel, this was still an issue. Tom Sandoval kept changing his story as to what transpired between himself and Leviss. Now, Lala Kent is opening up about what scenes were added in post-‘Scandoval’ to put the pieces together. She cites how she was asked to narrate after Ken Todd dropped the bomb that Raquel stayed the night at Tom’s home.

Lala Kent/Vanderpump Rules/YouTube
Then, she added that in the scene where Sandoval is with James and says Raquel slept in his bed then changes it to the guest room. That could have been a throwaway scene. However, in light of the affair, it made sense for it to be put into the episode. Finally, Lala Kent revealed that Scheana Shay was the one who had footage of the Labor Day party. This was the one where Sandoval claimed he could not get a ride to Ariana after her grandma passed. People were coming in and out but there were no cameras there. Yet, production knew Scheana had footage so they asked her for it.

The Rest Is History

As to what fans will see in tonight’s episode, that is yet to be disclosed. It will be a happy occasion with Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix opening up Something About Her for their friends. However, who knows what little nuggets production may throw in prior to next week’s explosive finale?

Are you excited to see what happens in the finale? Plus, are you surprised that some re-editing went into the last episodes? Let us know in the comments and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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