‘RHOA’: Is Sheree Whitfield’s Boyfriend Cheating On Her?

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During the Season 15 premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield introduced the ladies to her new boyfriend while they were at a party celebrating Sanya Richards-Ross’s husband’s 40th birthday.

Now, news of this relationship wasn’t really a Bravo bombshell as Sheree Whitfield opened up about the romance brewing between her and Love & Marriage: Huntsville star Martell Holt during the Season 14 reunion.

It, however, sounds as if things are getting heated between Sheree and her new beau as things are now “official” between the lovebirds. What should have been a moment of celebration as Sheree opened up about her new man with her friend quickly took a chaotic turn as the ladies weren’t too welcoming about the information.

RHOA Sheree Whitfield - Martel - Youtube

In fact, her RHOA co-stars think Sheree needs to put a layer of protection around her heart as they suspect Martell Holt of cheating. Why are the ladies so suspicious of Martell Holt? Keep reading for the scoop.

RHOA: Is Sheree Whitfield’s Boyfriend Cheating On Her?

Going back days before the party, viewers watched as Sheree Whitfield welcomed Martell Holt inside her home. Speaking to the cameras, the Bravo personality reassures the viewers that her new man is extremely respectful. Sheree is beyond grateful she didn’t allow her failed relationship with Tyrone Gilliams to stop her from pursuing new love or she wouldn’t have found Martell. Moreover, she is happy she didn’t judge a book by its cover as she claimed Martell oozed with “big d*ck energy” when they first met.

Kandi Burruss ended up clashing with Sheree’s new man because she was quick to call him out for being an “opportunity.” Kandi believed Martell did NOT have Sheree’s best interest in mind and was just using her to put himself out there. Now, RHOA fans argue Kandi needs to look a little closer to home as her husband is a man many would consider to be a massive opportunist.

Sheree’s new man later claims he’s excited to meet Kenya Moore. Though, viewers at home suspect he may be hiding something from Sheree as they believe he may have tried to slide into her DMs at some point in time and is hiding that information.

When Kenya revealed Martell Holt slid into her DMs, Kandi and Monyetta encouraged her to read the DM. So, Kenya went into hidden messages to approve it. Unfortunately, the message had been deleted. Martell Holt taking the time to go back and delete the message only made everyone more suspicious of his intentions. Kandi and Monyetta suspected the message was more than a simple hello because they’d heard rumors he was NOT a one-woman man.

During the party, Monyetta did find time to let Sheree Whitfield know they suspected her man was unfaithful. She, however, didn’t seem to be bothered by this information.

Do you think Sheree Whitfield is going to get her heart broken? Is this man unfaithful? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Bravo news.

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