‘Family Guy’: Is Mila Kunis Leaving As The Voice Of Meg?

Meg on Family Guy / YouTube

After the Family Guy Season 21 finale, many fans are wondering if Meg, and therefore Mila Kunis, is leaving the hit animated series. Here is what you need to know about Kunis’s status on Family Guy and what might be next for Meg.

Meg married off on Family Guy season finale

The season finale of Family Guy this year saw Meg head off to Russia and it looked like it was going to send off another character from the hit animated series. While a main cast member leaving a show like this is rare, it has happened. Remember, Cleveland and his family left the show and got a spinoff. Could this happen to Meg?

Meg on Family Guy / YouTube

Out of everyone on the show, Meg has always been the least liked by most fans. Peter and Lois have always had their moments. Brian and Stewie have always been the highlights every time they get the chance to lead an episode. Even side characters like Quagmire have a reason to stand as great characters on the show. However, Meg has always been a little slighted, both in writing and in the character’s personality.

In the finale, it looked like Meg was finally on the way out the door. The episode took Meg to Russia along with Brian and Stewie as they looked for an internet hacker named Ivan. However, once they arrived in Russia, Meg fit right in thanks to the dreary and boring atmosphere in the country. It fit her personality perfectly. More so, Meg even seemed to like Ivan when they found him. When Meg asked for a “good old-fashioned American cheeseburger,” Russian authorities placed her in a hospital and Ivan stayed by her side. This led to Meg marrying him and looking to live happily ever after in Russia.

That all ended when Meg heard Ivan brag about getting him a green card by tricking her into marrying him. Meg got her revenge by hacking into Ivan’s social media account and sending out anti-Russian messages, which got him arrested and thrown into a Russian prison. That led to Meg returning home.

Is Mila Kunis leaving Family Guy?

There is nothing to worry about for Mila Kunis and Family Guy. With Meg getting Ivan thrown into a Russian prison and returning home, she will still be around next season when Season 22 starts. One wonders if this marriage and her trip to Russia will help the show change her character somewhat.

There is also the idea that Meg is still married, so Ivan could return in the future. With a possible recurring storyline added to the show after 21 seasons, it looks like Seth McFarlane still has something to give when it comes to his hit animated series.

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