Is A ‘Sister Wives’ Spirit Baby Meant For Aspyn Brown?

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Is a Sister Wives spirit baby actually meant for Aspyn Brown? There has been talk in previous seasons about spirit babies, especially by Robyn Brown. This is a concept that she firmly believes in and many viewers had questions about this ideology. Now, Gwendlyn Brown is kind of breaking it down for fans and it all goes back to her older sister, Aspyn. What does it mean? Read on for more details.

Is A Sister Wives Spirit Baby Meant For Aspyn Brown?

When the cast of Sister Wives started talking about spirit babies, it was a headscratcher. Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn mentioned that she may want to have more kids. This was despite the fact that they already had a total of eighteen between him and his four wives. By this time, he was fine just being a grandfather. However, Robyn was the youngest wife and still felt that there might be more for her and started mentioning these spirit babies. Now, Kody’s daughter with former third wife, Christine, Gwendlyn is talking about these spirits and Aspyn Brown. How are they related to one another?

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A clip from one of her YouTube reaction videos was featured on Katie Joy’s @withoutacrystalball. In it, Gwendlyn is talking about how her mother, Christine had a miscarriage prior to having her youngest, Truely. Yet, in their religion, it is believed that the miscarried baby is now “spiritually meant” for Aspyn Brown. This could be because she is the eldest child of Christine and Kody. Gwendlyn went on to note that she did not understand why Aspyn would even want to have kids after raising all of them.

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 A big issue between Kody and Christine, dating back to when she was pregnant with Truely, was the fact that Aspyn Brown had to take care of the kids when she was really young. Christine had to work, leaving her eldest to play “mom.” When Kody was asked to come in and help out, he declined which was the true beginning of the end. As for what will happen with this alleged spirit baby, Gwendlyn offered to take it though it is an interesting concept.

Will Aspyn Have A Baby?

So far, Aspyn Brown has given no indication that she will carry the “spirit baby.” She and her husband, Mitch Thompson wed in 2018 but have been enjoying their life ever since. They travel, just bought a home, and he competes in different competitions while Aspyn supports him. Therefore, they have a great balance and seem to just want to live their best lives before having children. There was also a deeper meaning to spirit babies and the initial religion that they followed- Apostolic United Brethren & fundamentalist Mormon culture. Yet, what seems to be the most interesting point is how Aspyn is supposed to get this spirit baby.

What do you make of this concept? Do you believe it is just to comfort those who have suffered a loss? More so, do you understand what Gwen is saying about Aspyn not necessarily wanting kids after raising her siblings? Let us know in the comments below.

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