‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy You Go Natural Hair Accessories

You Go Natural Hair Accessories on Shark Tank / IG

Shark Tank is back with a new episode tonight and there are several new products that the sharks have a chance to invest in. One of these is a new hair accessory product called You Go Natural Hair Accessories.

Here is what you need to know about this new product and which of the sharks thought it was worth the investment.

What are You Go Natural Hair Accessories on Shark Tank?

Monique Little founded You Go Natural (YGN) in 2016 and she heads to Shark Tank looking for someone who can help her grow the company. Monique started selling her product from a living room and she now has an 8,000-square-foot production facility in Dallas. You Go Natural creates hair accessories that cater to the needs of people with textured hair. This offers styling and protection that is both effortless and elegant.

You Go Natural Hair Accessories from Shark Tank / IG

Monique said she started the company in 2016 from her mom’s living room with just a sewing machine and now she has built it into a successful company. Now, she is on Shark Tank because she wants to do more. According to Monique, she has certain values that her company stands for. This includes innovation, quality, heritage, and the people in her community. She wants to make hair care easier for people. She refuses to skim on quality. She also uses the idea that, at one time, it was all about home recipes. Finally, she wants to listen to her customers and make what they need.

YGN offers products to people who might not have the time or resources to dedicate to hair care on a daily basis. They sell headwear lined with satin. This includes headbands, headwraps, and turbans for both men and women.  They also offer a swim turban collection, which protects hair while swimming.

Where to buy You Go Natural Hair Accessories from Shark Tank

Anyone who loved You Go Natural Hair Accessories on Shark Tank and wants to buy it can do so at the company website at yougonatural.com. The company offers 10% off to anyone who offers up an email address for future updates and special offers.

On the men’s side, there are turbans that start at $35, although there are currently discounts on some products for as low as $25. Also listed on the site are “premium Durags” for $20. For the women, there are t-shirt buns, turbans, open turbans, and headbands. There is also a Sleep Collection and Swim Turbans.

The You Go Natural t-shirt buns start at $35, the headbands at $15, and the sleep and swim turbans at $48. The company also offers free shipping for all orders over $100.

Are you interested in buying the Go Natural Hair Accessories from Shark Tank? Was this something the sharks should have invested in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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