‘My 600-Lb Life’ Lacey Buckingham Hits Head, Medical Crisis?

Lacey Buckingham My 600-Lb Life, TLC

Is My 600-Lb Life guest Lacey Buckingham okay? After a recent Facebook post, many fans are concerned about her health and well-being.

During her time on the series, Lacey faced one bad situation after another. After her ex-fiance dumped her on the side of the road, viewers knew that Lacey was going to have a difficult time surviving — let along achieving her health goals.

She often keeps fans updated on her Facebook page. However, fans are really searching for answers after one of her most recent updates.

Lacey Buckingham gives fans an alarming health update

Although Lacey Buckingham didn’t make much progress during her time on My 600-Lb Life, her journey continued once she left the series. But she will probably need to focus on other health conditions before she can comfortably start dieting and exercising.

Recently, she shared that she had some teeth pulled and would eventually receive dentures. But sadly, that’s not the only health scare she’s had over the past few months.

Lacey Buckingham from Instagram My 600-Lb Life, TLC
Lacey Buckingham/Instagram

As indicated by her Facebook page, Lacey Buckingham has suffered a head injury.

“My shoulders are absolutely killing me,” the My 600-Lb Life guest wrote on Facebook. “Today, AGAIN I hit my head. This time harder than the last two times. I wonder if I need to go get checked out.”

Lacey went on to say that her head had started pounding, so she went to take a nap. Sadly, sleep paralysis took over and she couldn’t wake herself up. She concluded the post by expressing frustration with her caregiver for not taking her to the hospital.

In the comments section, Lacey revealed that she did end up going to the hospital after all. However, they weren’t able to determine the cause of her head pain.

Lacey Buckingham from Facebook My 600-Lb Life, TLC
Lacey Buckingham/Facebook

Fans are glad that Lacey chose to seek medical treatment. After all, head injuries can be quite serious.

Hopefully, the TLC personality will provide more updates on her condition. Until then, fans will wait patiently to hear from her.

The former My 600-Lb Life guest hints she’s dropped a lot of weight

The good news is that Lacey Buckingham claims she’s lost several hundred pounds since her time on the TLC series. Fans aren’t entirely sure they believe her claims, however.

On Reddit, My 600-Lb Life viewers debated whether or not to take Lacey seriously. Sadly, many didn’t think she was really telling the truth here.

“Lacey has an established history of lying. If she truly lost 200 lbs she’d be posting pics,” one Redditor wrote, referencing her Season 10 episode.

“I wanna believe her but I definitely feel like she’s lying 😭 I will never forget when Sharon questioned her about the missed appt. She should rehearsed her fake story. I’ve never seen someone pause and stumble over their words for as long as she did 😭💀,” another recalled.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on Lacey Buckingham and the rest of the My 600-Lb. Life cast.

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