Lifetime’s ‘V.C. Andrews’ Dawn’ Trailer Features Jesse Metcalfe

Lifetime, Dawn-

Are you ready for diabolical grandmas, twisted siblings, and a crazy rich family with lots of creepy secrets? It is time for Lifetime’s annual V.C. Andrews limited series. This year, it will be Dawn. Lifetime has just released its official movie trailer and the premiere date.

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What Is Lifetime’s V.C. Andrews’ Dawn About?

On Wednesday, People shared the first look into Lifetime’s upcoming limited series Dawn. This includes a sneak peek into the storyline, as well as the preview video. Based on the books by V. C. Andrews, this four-part limited series is from the Dawn Cutler series of novels. This includes Dawn, Secrets Of The Morning, Twilight’s Child, and Midnight Whispers.

Dawn Longchamp thinks she lives in a loving family until her parents are arrested and she is told that they kidnapped her as a young child. It turns out her real brother and Dawn had some serious attraction and got slightly cozy at school.

However, even with Phillip’s knowledge that they are close blood relatives, he still wants to kiss her. Now, she needs to get away! Somehow, she winds up with Jimmy, the guy she grew up believing was her brother. He is looking at her differently, but should Dawn relent? Her sister Clara Jean seems a bit freaked out that she is even considering it.

Somehow, this is not the craziest thing about her new predicament. Her grandmother Lilian Cutler is not afraid to physically discipline her new-found granddaughter when she does not listen. Dawn is quick to learn that no one defies Lilian Cutler. Everyone is forced to obey her or suffer the consequences.

But, there is something more about the Cutler family that Dawn does not understand. There is something dark and eerie with her new family. She cannot figure it out right away.

When Dawn finds herself entrenched in the mysteries surrounding the family, it becomes clear that a dark and inescapable curse looms over the Cutlers.

She was shocked to learn that the people who raised her were not her family, but the Cutlers have set a new bar for cruelty. Will Agnes Morris give her the freedom she needs?

Lifetime, Dawn-
Lifetime, Dawn-

Who Stars In Dawn?

Some of the stars in this four-part series include Jesse Metcalfe, Fran Drescher, Donna Mills, and Bree Bassinger.

Lifetime, Dawn-
Lifetime, Dawn-

When Does Dawn Premiere On Lifetime?

The premiere of V.C. Andrews’ Dawn is on Saturday, July 8, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel. The next day you can stream it through the network’s website.

Dawn Will Air On Lifetime Four Saturdays In July

V.C. Andrew’s Dawn will air four Saturdays in a row. Last year, Lifetime reported that the V. C. Andrews Flowers In The Attic Prequel series was watched by over 10 million people. Based on the early excitement, Dawn promises to surpass this record.

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