Kathryn Dennis Moves Back Home Amid Money Troubles

Kathyrn Dennis

Kathryn Dennis of Southern Charm has moved back home amid her money troubles. It turns out that the reality star is living with her dad once again. This news was revealed after it came out that Kathryn’s ex Thomas Ravenel was awarded permanent sole custody of their two children, Kensie and Saint.

Kathryn Dennis Loses Custody

It came out this week that Thomas Ravenel has permanent sole custody of Kensie and Saint, which means he is even the one in charge of all decisions about them. Kathryn is able to see the children but only supervised every other weekend. Here is what Thomas revealed.

“I was awarded sole custody. I make all the parenting decisions. Kathryn [Dennis] has the right to supervised visitation by an approved supervisor [approved by the court] between the hours of 9:00am — 7:00pm, every other weekend. She’s not allowed to have overnights with the children. I will transport the children to a halfway point between Aiken and Charleston where Kathryn will pick them up.”


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Kathryn Moves Back Home

Kathryn Dennis has moved back home with her dad according to The Sun. She has been posting pictures from her dad Luke’s house. Kathryn’s mom passed away in 2019 so it is just her dad living on this property. An insider shared saying, “She’s back with her dad in Moncks Corner for now, I knew she would be. The house is on the water and has a lot of land but it’s a very old property and needs work doing on it. Her dad is the only one living there since her mom passed. Kathryn has a lot of issues and I hear he’s pretty tired of it all but still supports her of course.”


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Kathryn has never had a real job and Southern Charm didn’t pick her up for Season 9 of the show. Reports are that they asked her to be a guest on the show, but she didn’t want any part of that. Kathryn could have used the paycheck, but for some reason, turned it down. She was evicted from her apartment so it appears that her dad’s house was the only place for her to go.

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