Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Dean Unglert Reveal Engagement Ring #4

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Caelynn Miller-Keyes may have the most engagement rings of anyone. Dean Unglert recently gave her a fourth engagement ring. Why so many rings? Is this finally the last one before they get married? Keep reading to find out more.

Dean Unglert gifts Caelynn Miller-Keyes ring number 4

Bachelor in Paradise fan favorites Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes are preparing to wed sometime in 2023 in Colorado. While the exact date is not known, fans know it will be before Thanksgiving. They made it known last year it would be their first and only Thanksgiving being engaged.

When Dean decided to propose he had a beautiful ring for his bride-to-be. However, before he could pop the question, he lost it. He thinks it was lost in the garage but so far to this day the ring has not been found.

So, Dean got her a placeholder ring so he could carry out his proposal plans. He then gave her another ring which makes engagement ring number 3. Now, finally, he has given his fiance her fourth and final engagement ring. Why so many rings after the lost one?

Dean and Caelynn via INsta

Dean and Caelynn spoke with Jared Haibon about her ring collection on the Help! We Suck At Being Newlyweds podcast. Caelynn said, “I’ve got the one I’m wearing, this is number four, number three was the replica, number two is my middle finger that he proposed with, and number one is still lost.”

To clarify she noted that Dean gave her the third ring which is a replica of the lost first one because he felt the ring he proposed with was too small. She said he didn’t want her to show anyone.

Dean chimed in saying he secretly hoped she would say she loved the small ring. She claims she didn’t care and loved it regardless.

Now, Dean teamed up with Brillant Earth to get Caelynn her fourth and final ring.

All about the ring

The new ring is five carats. The maker of the ring shared that Dean picked out the “Luna Bezel ring in a yellow gold setting with a five-carat, emerald cut, conflict-free lab diamond.” The ring touches on all the current trends; a solitaire setting where the gemstone takes center stage, and an elongated fancy-shaped diamond.

This kind of ring will also allow any wedding bands to sit flush.

Dean had previously talked about giving her the new ring on a trip to Hawaii. However, he fooled everyone and gave it to her while they took a dream trip to Japan.

As the couple prepares to wed, they are enjoying their last months as fiances.

What do you think about Caelynn’s fourth ring? Stay tuned for more updates.




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  1. I just love the story of your “rings”. So romantic. All of those rings are beautiful but the 4th ring? Oh my – just gorgeous. I wish you both great success in your marriage and may your love grow even better year by year.

    All the best to you both – and together.

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