Hollywood Writers Strike: Will New Soap Opera Episodes Happen?

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As the clock struck midnight last night the Hollywood Writer Strike of 2023 went into effect. Unfortunately, this strike will impact far more than just the Writers Guild Of America. This strike puts a risk to over 800,0000 jobs in the United States. So, there is a very real chance this writer strike will trickle back and cause an issue for something you enjoy watching on television.

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, late-night talk shows were the very first to feel the burn of the Hollywood Writers Strike of 2023. It has been reported that all late-night talk shows including The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and The Daily Show have all immediately “gone dark” as a result of the strike. Unfortunately, this means that effective immediately there will be no new episodes of any late-night talk shows. Fortunately, fans will be able to watch reruns in their place.

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If an agreement is not made quickly and the Writers Guild Of America stays on strike, what does this mean for other shows on television? More specifically, what does this mean for fans of soap operas? Will General HospitalDays Of Our Lives, Bold and the Beautiful, and Young and the Restless continue to air new episodes? Or, are soap operas also at risk of following late-night talk shows and going dark with re-runs as well?

Will Soap Operas Continue To Air New Episodes Amid Writer Strike?

Are soap operas at risk of going dark? Will they stop airing new episodes in the near future too? Unfortunately, soap operas are next in line to feel the burn of the writer strike. Daytime soap operas including Days Of Our LivesYoung and the Restless, and General Hospital all function with quick-paced production schedules. Basically, this means they don’t have very many finished scripts and fully produced episodes to air.

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This means that most soap operas likely have a few weeks’ worth of new episodes to air before they will have to join late-night talk shows in going dark because they’ve also run out of new episodes to air. With so many jobs on the line, soap opera fans remain hopeful an agreement will be made and the strike will come to an end before they run out of new episodes to air.

Have you heard about this writer strike before? Did you know that the last time an agreement wasn’t made and the writers fully went on strike was back in 2007? Did you know that strike lasted for 100 days? Are you bummed that if this writer strike drags on as they have in the past new episodes of soap operas could run out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest updates!

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  1. Now streaming on Peacock, Days of Our Lives typically has about six months of episodes already produced. Its tape-to-broadcast schedule has been that far out for years now. This is why Days suffered no interruptions during the prolonged 2020 COVID lockdown (unlike the other three daytime soaps, which are more or less about one month out).

  2. I say new soap opera episodes will come in, despite the hollywood writers strike of late spring of this year, and I hope a new contract deal for the DGA, SGA and the WGA officially comes true by ending the writers strike.

  3. They kept up production in previous strikes. Producers and some fi core writers kept things going.

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