Caleb Willingham Pushed Tammy Slaton Away & Initiated Divorce?

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As the details of their split and looming divorce continue to come out, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans just assume it was Tammy Slaton that dumped Caleb. Unfortunately, however, it now sounds as if it was Caleb Willingham who initiated the end of this relationship by pushing Tammy Slaton away. Why did Caleb push Tammy away? Keep reading for the surprising details behind the end of this lovefest.

Caleb Willingham pushed Tammy Slaton Away, Initiated Divorce?

As Tv Shows Ace reported earlier today, some surprising information about what went wrong with this TLC couple has bubbled up to the surface. Per an inside source, it was Caleb who first put the divorce card on the table. The insider claims Caleb and Tammy were getting into some pretty nasty fights. The fights stemmed from the fact that Caleb had gained over 30 pounds and wasn’t even trying to follow his weight loss program. Tammy refused to get dragged down or backslide with him. So, it caused problems.

Caleb Willingham - Tammy Slaton youtube
Caleb Willingham – Tammy Slaton youtube

During one of their fights, Caleb Willingham suggested they should consider getting a divorce. The insider claims Caleb later realized what he proposed was a mistake and tried to undo it. Unfortunately for him, the damage was already done. Moreover, Tammy now has all of her sisters encouraging her to pull the plug, cut her losses, and move on.

The insider claims that Caleb Willingham is now making a massive effort to try and get Tammy to stay because he realizes he messed up, but she’s no longer interested. Tammy Slaton allegedly has a legal team standing by to get the paperwork necessary to file the divorce. Fans, however, have serious questions about whether a divorce needs to be filed because the marriage paperwork was never really filed in the first place. Is there a need for a divorce or can they just walk away and pretend the marriage never happened?

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Waiting For TLC?

There is also a real possibility Tammy and Caleb are stuck in limbo because their marriage was part of the last season of the show. Some fans speculate the marriage not working out will be part of another season. And, that’s the real reason why the information circulating is nothing more than hearsay and rumors right now.

Does it surprise you to know it was Caleb Willingham who called for a divorce first? Did you assume it was Tammy Slaton that pulled the plug? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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  1. This was all set up as a storyline by TLC producers, They are not legally married so a divorce shouldn’t be neccasary, Marriage records are public information and one doesn’t exist In Gibsonburg Ohio.

  2. Bahahahaha! My SIDES! “Tammy Slaton allegedly has a legal team standing by to get the paperwork necessary to file the divorce.”

    This is all garbage. TamTamTamtaminy doesn’t have a team of anything standing by. This is all a garbage scam by them and TLC. Willingham simply wanted some clout, and will soon be forgotten.

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