‘Big Mouth’ Season 8 Decision Made At Netflix: Canceled?

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A decision regarding Big Mouth Season 8 has finally been made by Netflix. Unfortunately, the decision comes with both good and bad news. Has the adult animation comedy been canceled or renewed? How is it good and bad news? Keep reading for the details.

Big Mouth Season 8 Decision Made At Netflix: Canceled?

Season 7 of Big Mouth is set to release in October of 2023 (this year) after the renewal was announced in April of 2022. So, keeping to the usual pattern, a decision being made is right on track for when fans expected the news. Fortunately, per What’s On Netflix, fans can take comfort in knowing Big Mouth has been renewed for Season 8. Unfortunately, the news does come with a bit of bad news. Netflix has decided that Season 8 will be the series finale for Big Mouth.

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For years, Big Mouth has been one of Netflix’s most successful comedies. Likewise, it has also been a staple in their fall releases for years. So, fans can be relatively sure that Season 8 of Big Mouth will drop in October of 2024. That, however, is going to make it feel pretty strange for fans of Big Mouth when October 2025 rolls around without new episodes being released.

There Is A Spin-Off

Just yesterday, Netflix announced that the spin-off of Big Mouth titled Human Resources had been renewed for Season 2. Moreover, a trailer was dropped. The series was also given a premiere/release date for Season 2 on Friday, June 9, 2023. Excitedly, fans also recently learned that none other than singing sensation Miley Cyrus would be joining the cast.

If the series proves to be as successful as Big Mouth was, fans of the story and some of the characters can only hope the spin-off will go on to last as long as the OG did.

Has Any Info About The Big Mouth Finale Been Released?

Netflix has earned a pretty rough reputation for canceling some extremely popular shows. What’s On Netflix notes it is important to recognize that Big Mouth was NOT canceled by Netflix. Alternatively, the series has simply “run its course” and is coming to an end. While fans are bummed the series is ending. Season 8 promises to bring the story to a bit of a close.

Shockingly, Big Mouth is the first Netflix original to survive eight seasons. To this date, the streaming service has never had a series run that long. Next to Big Mouth, the longest-running series are Grace and Frankie and Orange is the New Black which both lasted for seven seasons.

Nick Kroll, the co-creator as well as the voice of MANY of the characters, did issue a statement about the series coming to an end. Here’s what he had to say:

“If you would have told adolescent Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg that middle school would take eight years to finish, they would have been like ‘Yeah, that sounds about right. This seems like it will never end.”

Billy Wee, the director of the series, had this to say about the series coming to an end:

Big Mouth is a towering achievement in animated comedy that will make Netflix history for its longevity. We are thrilled that we still have two more hilarious seasons to share with fans before this brilliant coming-of-age story reaches its conclusion.”

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What do you think about Big Mouth getting released for Season 8? Moreover, are you bummed the series is coming to an end? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Netflix news.


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