Audrey Roloff Trumps Herself With Latest Inappropriate Action?

Audrey Roloff Instagram

Little People, Big World alum Jeremy Roloff’s wife Audrey has taken things to a disgusting and inappropriate new low as she seizes an opportunity to continue to push her agenda. As those who follow Audrey and Jeremy on Instagram know, they are very big on the concept of “grounding.” The duo actually went live on Instagram during their romantic getaway recently and spent some time talking about grounding with Audrey’s followers.

Turns out, Jeremy Roloff’s wife sees nothing as off-limits as she didn’t skip a beat in seizing an inappropriate opportunity to continue to push the idea of grounding on her followers recently. What exactly is grounding? And, what was this inappropriate moment Audrey tried to push her beliefs on her followers? Keep reading for the shocking details.

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff- Instagram

LPBW: What is grounding, anyway?

Per the University of New Hampshire, grounding is more commonly referred to as “earthing.” It is a therapeutic healing concept that involves allowing a person’s bare feet to come directly in contact with the Earth. Those who believe in the concept of grounding and earthing also believe there’s a plethora of benefits to regular grounding/earthing.

Now, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have always been very open about the fact that they are huge supporters of grounding. They frequently talk about practicing it and all of the benefits. This is also why Audrey Roloff and her children spend so much time outside barefoot. This is also why Jeremy and Audrey often catch heat for allowing their children to wander without shoes in dangerous environments.

Audrey Roloff shocks with disgusting, inappropriate timing

Now, Audrey Roloff never misses an opportunity to push her beliefs on her followers. Fans, however, believe she sunk to a disgusting new low as her latest promotion of grounding was deemed to be inappropriately timed. The TLC alum shared a photo of herself and Jeremy attending a baby shower. Fans quickly noticed she wasn’t wearing any shoes. This was largely because Audrey did call attention to her lack of shoes while reassuring that she did wear her shoes for most of the baby shower.

She, however, took them off while playing games so she could experience grounding and so she could be more competitive.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

Chatting on multiple different social media platforms about the photo, fans were disgusted that she would take her shoes off at someone else’s baby shower. Moreover, fans thought it was a completely inappropriate time for her to push grounding as the baby shower was someone else’s special day and had nothing to do with her.

Do you think Audrey Roloff needs to dial it back on pushing her thoughts and beliefs on other people? Do you agree with fans that the timing of her latest promotion of grounding was completely inappropriate? Let us know in the comments found below the article. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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