Should Adam Lambert Replace Katy Perry On ‘American Idol’?

Katy Perry & Adam Lambert

Fans want Adam Lambert to replace Katy Perry. This comes amid the rumors that American Idol producers could give her the boot. She donned the alum’s cape during a recent episode. The viewers think “he would be a better judge.” Keep on reading to learn more.

American Idol producers won’t rule out the backlash

Katy Perry received backlash this season. American Idol producers are paying attention to the social media criticism. Earlier this month, reported that she could get fired for her “rude and condescending” comments. Even some of the contestants want nothing to do with her.

Katy Perry [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
“Katy has come under fire for harsh comments in the past, and now fans are upset over the way she humiliated a singing duo,” an insider told “She demanded they perform before they’d had a chance to rehearse and then blasted their work as ‘underwhelming’ in front of a national audience!”

Most of the backlash stemmed from Katy Perry’s interaction with 25-year-old contestant Sara Beth Liebe. She quit the competition. During her audition, she revealed that she was a mom of three. Katy made a weird comment that Sara spent too much time laying on the table.

Katy Perry holds Adam Lambert’s cape

On Sunday’s episode of American Idol, Katy Perry pulled out Adam Lambert’s cape. She wore a white cape that featured the name “Adam Lambert” in red cursive embroidery. The cape also featured rhinestones and red trim. Katy took to Instagram to share the shots of the impressive cape.

“Fun fact: In 2009 I performed Waking Up In Vegas on #idol when @adamlambert was a finalist,” Katy Perry wrote in the caption. “At the end of the song, I revealed this cape (and maybe got in a little trouble for playing favorites… well, I pulled it out of the storage and dusted her off especially for this rock show tonight.”

Most fans didn’t like that she supported Adam rather than Kris Allen, who was the winner of that season. Adam achieved success after competing in the former FOX series. He’s released studio albums, performed in theater shows, and toured with Queen.

Fans want Adam Lambert as a judge

Some fans took to Reddit to react. They want Adam Lambert to replace Katy Perry. Fans think he would make a better judge, especially with his experience on American Idol.

On Sunday’s episode, Adam took on the role of a mentor. He admitted to the contestants that he owed his life to the show. Fans have been disappointed with the judges this season, including Katy Perry. They felt that Adam was the only one on the panel who was being honest.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Adam Lambert should replace Katy Perry? Do you think he should become an Idol judge? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I would love to see Adam Lambert as a judge on American Idol!!! I think he would be a great replacement for Katy Perry.

  2. Adam Lambert would make a great judge because he’s funny and nice but honest in his judging. He’s not showboating like Katy who makes the show about her!

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