Ariana Madix’s Friend Leaks Tom Sandoval Cold-Hearted Texts

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One of Ariana Madix’s good friends, Jared Lipscomb, reveals Tom Sandoval reached out to him via text after making a shocking cancer joke. As a cancer survivor, the joke cut deep and Ariana Madix’s friend assumed Tom was reaching out to apologize. Unfortunately, the Vanderpump Rules star did not issue Jared the apology he wanted. So, what did Tom say in the text message if it wasn’t an apology? Keep reading for the scoop.

Tom Sandoval tried to save face with Ariana’s friend

Sitting down with Kristen Doute for an episode of “Sex, Love, and What Else Matters” podcast, the make-up artist opens up about Tom sending him a text message in an attempt to “save face” following his hurtful joke. A little less than a month ago, Tom Sandoval was a guest on a podcast called “Howie Mandel Does Stuff.” During an interview, Tom likened the backlash of his affair to getting hit with radiation. Unsurprisingly, trying to make a joke out of a cancer treatment was NOT well-received.

Tom Sandoval [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Jared Lipscomb tells Kristen Doute that something inside him snapped after hearing what Tom Sandoval said. So, he took to Instagram and ripped the Bravo personality for what he said. In response, Tom attempted to reach out to Jared via text message. While the make-up artist expected an apology from Tom, what he received was something very different.

Instead, Tom Sandoval was trying to “save face” with Jared and ask him to “cut him some slack” regarding the whole thing.

Ariana Madix/Vanderpump Rules/Instagram
[Credit: Instagram]
Ariana Madix’s friend proceeds to read the text message out loud on the podcast episode:

Jared, I absolutely did not mean to offend you or anyone else, for that matter.’ So we’re starting off with just no apology. ‘That was not a joke about cancer. I’ve lost family members to cancer. I’ve been nothing but supportive through your battle and journey, have I not?’”

Jared continued to read: “This is also why we can’t travel to outer space or live on the moon. It’s too much radiation. Can I get a little bit of benefit of the doubt here? You know me a little bit better than that. Hope you’re doing well. Heart emoji.”

Tom Sandoval/VPR/YouTube
[Sandoval-Credit: YouTube]

The make-up artist admits he blocked the Bravo star

Chiming in on the text message, Kristen Doute said it sounded like Tom was trying to gaslight Jared. Jared Lipscomb admitted that he pretty swiftly blocked Tom after receiving the text message and was honestly confused by the situation. He admitted that all Tom had to do was apologize for misspeaking. Instead, he just felt gaslit by the entire thing.

Kristen Doute Hurt By Lala Kent's Joke [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
What do you think about the text message Tom Sandoval sent to Jared Lipscomb? Do you agree he should have just apologized? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Bravo news.

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  1. Tom Sandoval is a total narcissist as is Rachel, Raquel whatever name is and his response was a total messed up response. He is so oblivious to any one’s feelings but his . I feel for his family and Arianna who invested their time , money and support. He’s done !! No coming back from refinancing their home, and liquidity of his family’s retirement. Wow!! No more words

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