Christine Brown’s Future Husband Talks Of His Beautiful Life

David Woolley, some of his family, Christine Brown, and Truely Brown from Instagram, Sister Wives, TLC

Sister Wives fans were ecstatic to learn that Christine Brown left Kody. They were even happier to learn that she moved on with someone new. Now that David Woolley and Christine are engaged, fans are eager to learn all they can about him.

So far, fans know that he was married before and had children with his late wife. Based on social media posts, it also seems like he dotes on Christine and treats her like a queen.

This week, one Instagram post in particular caught fans’ eyes. David really just seems to be enamored with his life at the moment.

Christine Brown & David Woolley couldn’t be happier with their beautiful life

So far, it’s easy for Sister Wives fans to see why Christine Brown fell for David Woolley in the first place. He appears to treat her well and takes an active interest in her children — things Kody Brown never seemed to care about.

Since going public with their relationship, the pair often posts sweet photos of their time together on social media.

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Instagram, Sister Wives, TLC
David Woolley/Instagram

As much as David loves Christine, he also enjoys spending time in nature and soaking up breathtaking views. He recently shared one captivating image with his Instagram followers that he snapped while out and about.

“What a beautiful life!! #utah #mountains #beautifullife” David captioned his stunning photo of the Utah landscape. Here, he’s specifically talking about the mountain range. But of course, David Woolley’s life seems much more vibrant and happier since he fell in love with Christine.

David Woolley, from Instagram
David Woolley/Instagram

Plenty of David’s followers had pleasant things to say about the photo. Others were laser-focused on his relationship with Christine. But either way, the post got a lot of attention.

What an amazing view. How blessed to be able to enjoy that,” one fan shared their thoughts in the comment sections. 

“Continue to keep our Christine happy!!!” another wrote to David.

How do you think David Woolley sincerely feels about his new with the TLC star? Don’t forget to leave your own ideas in the comments.

The happy couple is living the dream back in Utah

But if you ask Christine Brown, the best part about being engaged is moving back to Utah. The Brown family’s adult children have primarily settled in Utah and Nevada — there’s not much in Flagstaff for any of them except Robyn’s kids.

After leaving Kody, Christine settled back in Utah. Now, she and David have a place of their very own. And she can spend as much time with her children as she likes.

When Sister Wives officially comes back for another season, fans hope they will get to meet the man of Christine Brown’s dreams.

Check back soon for more news and updates on Christine Brown and her romance with David Woolley!

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