Blake Lively, 35, Stuns In Tiny Purple Dress

Blake Lively - Youtube

Rocking a tiny thin-strapped purple dress, Blake Lively stunned Instagram at the age of 35.

Blake Lively, 35, Stuns In Tiny Purple Dress

Despite being a mother of three, Blake Lively has long been considered one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. Her stunning good looks are one of the many reasons the rest of the world considers her to be the perfect match for her equally-attractive Canadian actor husband Ryan Reynolds.

A few days ago, Blake Lively broke Instagram and garnered 3.6M likes after posting a rather simple photo of herself running a tiny purple dress. The tiny dress had no texture or pattern. It was a solid shade of purple and appeared to be a smooth fabric. It, however, was just tight enough to show off every perfect curve of her incredibly fit body.

The tiny dress ended just below her curvaceous backside preventing her from bending over unless she wanted to put on a revealing show of her backside.

Blake Lively - YouTube
Blake Lively – YouTube

The photo she shared featured her standing by a large piece of wall art. The poor lighting in the room and lack of a flash, when the photo was snapped, did cast a bit of a shadow over her. Despite the photo being a little dark, her fans could still see those perfectly sculpted legs for miles under that revealingly tiny dress.

The actress boldly paired the tiny ensemble with a pair of ruby red shoes that matched the same vibrant color of the Chanel clutch bag she gripped in her hand and rested against her partially revealed thigh.

She penned in the caption she attached to this stunningly simple photo: “happy one year anniversary to the day I meant to post this photo.”

The photo broke Instagram with nearly 4M likes

Presently, Blake Lively has just shy of 40M followers on Instagram. Nearly 10 percent of her followers turned up to show her gorgeous photo some love. In addition to the 3.6M likes on her photo, a little over 7K of her followers also popped into the comment section to complement the photo. This included several celebrities such as Gal Gadot and GiGi Hadid  Here’s some of what her fans had to say in the comments:

  • “FINALLY! Was waiting for a fit i could super size!!!”
  • “Alexa play Gorgeous by Taylor Swift ‘you’re so gorgeous!'”
  • “Rewatching Gossip Girl and you literally look the same”

Her fans were seemingly all over the place in the comments. There, however, was nothing but love for her and this stunning photo.


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