Bikini-Clad Elizabeth Hurley, 57, Bends Over & Spills Cleavage

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Elizabeth Hurley continues to prove age is nothing more than a number as she shares yet another pair of bikini-clad snaps that left her followers drooling.

Pushing her own swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley set Instagram on fire by bending over and giving her followers a look down her mint green bikini top.

Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley/Instagram

Bikini-clad Elizabeth Hurley bends over and spills out

The 57-year-old actress shared two absolutely stunning bikini-clad photos of herself as she worked the camera and pushed her swimwear line. The first photo featured Elizabeth bent over and leaning on a metal railing in front of her while using her arms for support.

By bending over, Elizabeth Hurley’s voluptuous breast spilled out of the top of her mint green bikini top. The combination of her bending over and her revealing bikini top resulted in her giving her followers an eyeful of cleavage. Arching her back and she leaned over, just a hint of her mint green bikini bottoms were visible in the back.

For the second photo, Elizabeth Hurley stood up and took a few steps back away from the camera. She pushed her back against a metal pole and rested her hands on her thighs to give her followers a full frontal look at her gorgeous bikini. In the comments, her followers admit they had a hard time focusing too much on the bikini because of how smoking hot her body was as she quickly approached being 60 years old.

With her arms draped down beside her, the position and bikini allowed her to show off her perfect bust and her smooth flat stomach for the camera. Adding another layer of seduction, she opted for a lip gloss to make her lips look a little wet for the photos.

Her followers were here for bikini season

In the comments of this stunning display of skin, her 2.6M followers admitted they had a hard time understanding how someone who was 57 years old could look this incredible in a bikini. Here’s some of what her fans had to say about this mint green bikini:

  • “How can someone that’s 55 years old (I’m 61) be THIS HOT!?”
  • “God does play favorites”
  • “Good grief. Her posts remind me I need to eat better.”
  • “Stop it. You’re making the rest of us look bad”

While there was nothing but love for her in the comments of her bikini-clad snaps, many of her followers jokingly wished she would take her beauty down a notch.

What did you think about her latest display of skin? Does it surprise you to know she’s heading for 60 years old? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for updates on Elizabeth Hurley!

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