Tom Sandoval Maintains Raquel Leviss Is NOT At A Spa

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Tom Sandoval is maintaining that his Vanderpump Rules co-star Raquel Leviss is not at a spa. Initially, she claimed that she was at a mental health facility. However, it was quickly revealed that it was actually a spa. Yet, Sandoval is standing behind Leviss and the fact that she is seeking mental health treatment. Read on for more details.

Tom Sandoval Maintains Raquel Leviss Is NOT At A Spa

Raquel Leviss claimed that she was getting treatment for her mental health after ‘Scandoval’ broke. In early March, it came out that Leviss and her co-star, Tom Sandoval had been having an affair for several months. This dated back to August 2022 when they first kissed. It would not have been that big of a deal had Sandoval not been in a nine-year-long relationship with Ariana Madix. Raquel happened to also be extremely close to Madix so this was just a double knife in the back. Fans went crazy and Raquel was made to look like a homewrecker. She even claimed that Scheana Shay physically assaulted her upon learning about the affair.

Scheana Shay [Source: YouTube]
[Scheana-Source: YouTube]
This proved to be false and made Raquel look even worse. Apparently, she was supposed to enter treatment prior to the Season 10 reunion filming. Yet, she chose to fulfill her obligations and then entered the facility. After she did so, it came out that Raquel was actually at a spa and that Tom Sandoval was joining her. He then was supposed to go to the Miraval Resorts in Arizona but they revealed that he was headed there so he called them out. It appears he headed to Canyon Ranch in Arizona instead.

Tom Sandoval [Source: YouTube]
[Sandoval-Source: YouTube]
TMZ has since caught up with Tom Sandoval and he is ready to clear up what is going on with Raquel’s location. Recently, his Vanderpump co-star, Peter Madrigal mentioned Leviss was at a spa. Former cast mate, Dayna Katham even piggybacked that so TMZ asked Tom if he saw her when he was in Arizona. To that, Sandoval noted that Raquel was in a mental health facility. Furthermore, she cannot have phones or visitors. Finally, he said that the others have no idea what they are talking about.

Sandoval Went Alone

As he got heated over the spa allegations, Tom Sandoval maintained that he was in Arizona alone. More so, he said that he was at a resort but that is not where Raquel Leviss is. Additionally, if she wants to tell her location at some point, that is up to her. In the end, he would like to believe that ‘Scandoval’ is almost over but there is a lot more show to go. They still have a handful more episodes until the reunion begins and that is going to be explosive.

Do you believe what Tom Sandoval has to say or do you think he is covering for Raquel? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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