Candice King Poses Topless In Psychedelic Photoshoot

Candice King [Source: YouTube]

Candice King posed topless in a psychedelic photoshoot. The Vampire Diaries alum shared the hypnotizing photos on her Instagram feed. Keep on reading for the latest details and see some of the shots for yourself.

Former Vampire Diaries star stuns in topless shoot

On Sunday, April 23, Candice King shocked fans with her topless photoshoot. It was a psychedelic theme just in time for spring. In the first Instagram post, she posed topless in just a dark purple paisley print skirt. The blonde beauty turned her back to the camera as she covered her breasts with her arms.

Candice King Wears White Dress [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
However, she didn’t reveal anything in the topless shoot. The only skin she showed was her bare back and arms. Candice turned her head and looked over her should, back at the camera. She was highlighted by the outline of flowers, which gave off a purple tint. Her wavy blonde hair cascaded down her back and shoulders.

In another post, Candice King went braless underneath a white button-down shirt, which she left open. She stood confidently against a purple background with her legs spread. Her floral print bell-bottom pants showed off her long and lean legs. She went barefoot for this sixties-inspired shoot.

This time, her blonde hair whipped around her face. In fact, you could hardly see her face in the shot. Candice shared another striking photo of herself from that same shoot. She buttoned up the shirt this time around. The CW star looked into the camera with a serious expression on her face.

She caressed her blonde wavy hair. Candice King let her natural beauty seep through. Her eyelids were tinted with orange shadow. She also had hints of peach tones on her cheeks and lips. Her blue eyes sparkled from the purple-tinted shot.

Candice King blooms in stunning photos

In one of her posts, Candice King explained the story behind this photoshoot. She was in full bloom for her new podcast, called Superbloom. The singer channeled her inner ’60s superstar. Candice teased that there were more photos from this shoot to come.

“Loved playing with Dream Team [Catherine Powell] behind the camera & [Christine Cook Zito] on glam & many more Superblooming photos to come!” Candice King wrote in one of the posts.

She also thanked Wrangler for providing her “for these superblooming jeans.” One of her posts amassed over 297,000 likes. Fans flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts. Most of them used flower and heart-eyed emojis to support their stunning shots. They also had the same thought in mind:

  • “You are beautiful.”
  • “You are literally a stunner.”
  • “Bite me… Wanna be a vamp.”
  • “Gorgeous woman.”

What are your thoughts on Candice King posing topless in her psychedelic shoot? Do you agree that she looks stunning? Sound off below in the comment section.

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