‘The Little Couple’ Will Klein Joins Social Media, How To Find Him

The Little Couple star Will Klein - Jen Arnold Instagram

The Little Couple star Will Klein has entered the world of social media. His mom Jen Arnold took to Instagram to promote his page and informed fans of where they can follow him. So, which platform did the 13-year-old join? Keep reading for all of the details and check out his content too.

Will recently celebrated his 13th birthday, which is a pretty big deal. Now that he’s officially a teenager, there are all kinds of things he gets to do, including joining social media.

Jen Arnold reveals her son Will Klein is on social media now.

Jen took to Instagram on Saturday to share with fans that Will is on social media. Her son is now using TikTok. The mom of two shared one of his videos, which featured him using a filter that made it look like there were two of him instead of just one.

The Little Couple star Will Klein - Jen Arnold Instagram
The Little Couple star Will Klein – Jen Arnold Instagram

Jen captioned the video, “Hey everyone, check out Will on TikTok.” Then, she teased, “Hey @jimmyfallon, your successor is practicing his moves 😂.”

So, maybe Will has big dreams of having his own late-night talk show. For now, he’s staying occupied on TikTok. 

You can check out Jen’s post below.


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How can The Little Couple fans follow Will Klein?

Will’s TikTok username is @KingWill_TLC. You can find Will Klein’s first TikTok profile here.  He already has nearly 17,000 followers.

So far, Will has made a variety of videos. Sometimes, he hops on various TikTok trends and shows off his dance moves. Other times, he posts about sports. Below, you can see one of his dancing videos.

@kingwill_tlc♬ оригинальный звук – ONLY BOXING 👑

In one of his videos, he encouraged his viewers to follow his second account, which is @WillKlein_40. It’s not clear which account he plans to use more, so fans might want to follow both. You can check out his second account here

The Little Couple fans are already enjoying Will’s videos. They are amazed by how much the young man has grown and are looking forward to seeing what else he shares on social media soon.

So, what do you think of Will Klein’s first video on TikTok? Are you following him to see what else he decides to post? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about The Little Couple stars.

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