‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Amanda Halterman In Car Accident

Amanda Halterman [Source: Instagram]

Shocking 1000-Lb. Sisters news broke early on Saturday morning as fans learned Amanda Halterman was in a car accident. Now, it is no secret that Amanda Halterman is a fan favorite as far as the siblings within the show are concerned. So, this was very jarring news for fans to learn. Sharing a photo of the accident, the TLC personality took to Instagram to update her followers on how she was doing and if she was alright.

1000-Lb. Sisters: Amanda Halterman In Car Accident

Amanda Halterman took to Instagram early this morning with a scary update. She was in a car accident the day prior. The TLC personality proceeded to detail the scary situation with her followers and she included a photo of the damage to her car. Her description of the accident made it sound as though it wasn’t her fault as she noted the other driver hit her. She took the time to thank EMTs, first responders, and everyone else involved in the aftermath of the car accident.

Amanda Halterman YouTube 1000-Lb. Sisters

Amanda Halterman also took the time to thank God because both she and the person that hit her survived the car accident. And, she was eternally grateful for that.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star told her followers she was both sore and a bit bruised up as a result of the car accident. She, however, was “still here” and that was what ultimately mattered.

In the photo, fans could see a massive dent and some scratches on one side of Amanda’s vehicle. The one tire visible in the photo also appeared to have been popped in the accident. Amanda, however, was just happy she was alright and didn’t seem too bothered by the condition of her car.


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Fans were thankful she was alright

Love poured into the comments of her post as fans admitted they were so relieved she was alright following the car accident. Amanda did take the time to interact with some of the comments on her profile. Here’s what some of her followers had to say in the comments:

  • “Thank god both drivers survived wishing you and the other driver a speedy recovery xx”
  • “Oh Amanda, I’m so happy you’re okay!”
  • “You both had an angel on your shoulders that day! I wish you a good recovery.”
  • “Oh no! You’re okay and that’s what matters!”

While Amanda did not provide any additional details to her followers about the car accident, she did drop a few hearts in response to some of the kind comments on her post.

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