Katie Bates Clark Accused Of Scamming Fans, Why?

Katie Bates Clark - YouTube

Bringing Up Bates star Katie Bates Clark is being accused of scamming her fans. Fans feel that she’s being dishonest and trying to make a quick buck. What did the 22-year-old do that has left her followers so upset? Keep reading for all of the details.

Katie Bates Clark uses social media to shill products.

If you follow Katie on social media, you may have seen her frequent ads. The former UPtv star posts ads for different companies and gets paid to do so. She’s promoted various items, from hair products to a budgeting app. She’s not the only Bates family member who does this, but fans think she goes a little overboard with the ads.

Her most recent ad is being blasted as scammy. Bringing Up Bates fans feel that it’s dishonest and that she should stop putting money above ethics.

Katie Bates Clark - YouTube
Katie Bates Clark – YouTube

Bringing Up Bates fans accuse her of scamming them.

This week, Katie Bates Clark hopped on social media to promote a hair loss product. She talked about having postpartum hair loss and shared before and after photos to show her progress.

On RedditBringing Up Bates fans are discussing Katie’s recent ad and calling her out for scamming. They think it’s strange that she is talking about postpartum hair loss at this point.

Hailey is only two months old, and according to Cleaveland Clinicpostpartum hair loss typically begins around the three-month mark. So, it seems unlikely that Katie would have started experiencing postpartum hair loss and been able to treat it already within the first two months of her baby’s life.

Here’s what a few Reddit users are saying:

  • “Totally a scam to sell a product. Those “before and after” pictures just looked like she brushed her hair differently!”
  • “It does not start and end this early. She would not have any fallout and absolutely no chance of regrowth by now!”
  • “Yeah it takes months before you see a visual difference anyway so that is clearly fake.”

As of now, Katie has not responded to the criticism or cleared things up. Fans will be interested to see whether she continues shilling products like this or if she is more intentional moving forward. Many think she’s simply motivated by money.

So, do you think that Katie Bates Clark is scamming her fans? How do you feel about her possibly being dishonest about her postpartum hair loss? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates stars.

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