Bella Thorne’s Bust Sparkles In Plunging Ruby Red Jumpsuit

Bella Thorne With Blue Hair [Source: Bella Thorne - Instagram]

Bella Thorne’s bust sparkled in a plunging ruby red jumpsuit. The former Disney star hypnotized fans with her new photos. She made sure bust stole the show. Keep on reading to learn more and to see the shots for yourself.

Famous in Love star sparkles in new shots

Earlier this week, Bella Thorne shared new shots from an event. In the first shot, she wore a red silk jumpsuit that was shaped in two triangular cups. The plunging neckline gave fans a good shot at her sparkly bust. Her freckled cleavage reflected flecks of gold glitter. It perfectly paired with the gold embellished straps that featured ornated details such as the evil eye.

Bella Thorne Bares Body [Source: Bella Thorne - Instagram]
[Source: Bella Thorne – Instagram]
Bella Thorne smoldered at the camera with her bold new look. Her red hair was worn up in a high ponytail with strands falling around her face and shoulders. Bella looked into your soul with her dark brown eyes, which were outlined with a touch of liner. She also had flecks of white shadow on her lids.

The former Shake it Up star pouted her light pink lips. She put her right arm up to her head. Her neon pale nails nearly glowed in the dark setting. She rocked several bracelets on her wrist, including one made from red string and a charm bracelet that held a photo in a heart-shaped locket.

In the next shot, Bella Thorne parted her lips as she rubbed them with her fingers. She also flashed her gold oversized ornate earrings. The OnlyFans content creator also wore a gold and diamond statement necklace. In another shot, Bella seductively put her hand to her face and she continued to look away from the camera and flaunted her sparkly bust.

Bella took it one step further by inculding a slow-motion shot of the camera panning away from her outfit. In the last two shots, she revealed that she wore a wide-leg jumpsuit. She spread her legs as she cupped her breasts. The beauty also wore a thick black belt that featured large gold studs and a chain cacasding down her crotch.

Bella Thorne puts attention on her sparkly bust

Bella Thorne obviously wanted the attention to her sparkly bust. She doesn’t want anyone’s opinions on the matter. However, she’s open to compliments, as she made that clear in her Instagram caption. She also revealed that her outfit was from Schiaparelli.

“Keep your opinions to yourself but direct your compliments towards me (and @schiaparelli ),” Bella Thorne captioned the post.

Most fans dropped fire or heart emojis. However, one troll told her that she looks like she “took one too many trips to elephant graveyard.” Others called her “pretty” and “ridiculously beautiful.” They were more in awe over her looks rather than her sparkly bust.

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