Lifetime’s ‘Her Fiancé’s Double Life’: All The Details

My Fiancé's Double Life, Lifetime-

Lifetime’s latest thriller Her Fiancé’s Double Life has double the hair-raising thrills! Can evil lurk in someone that is so romantic and kind?

You need to watch this new dramatic mystery movie to find out!

What Is Her Fiancé’s Double Life About?

Ready to learn more about this new mystery chiller? According to the Lifetime synopsis, Assistant DA Darcy Young is a no-nonsense woman. She likes to think of herself as being able to tell if someone is lying to her.

Darcy has built her entire career on being able to read anyone and can tell if they are telling the truth. She learned from a young age what was the truth and who was lying to her.

Therefore, when she is invited to her estranged parents’ country home, she is on full alert. Firstly, her parents could be shady. Darcy was always careful around them.

However, Darcy’s radar goes on extreme red alert. This is because she meets her  sister’s new fiancé, Thomas Schure. He is handsome and confident. He seems to say all the right things.

Yes, her parents are impressed with the suave Thomas. They were always easily swayed by charming manners and a well-dressed man.

But, Darcy was concerned nonetheless. Something seemed off. Most of all, she was going to get to the bottom of this situation. The talented Assistant DA was going to unravel his story and figure out what is the truth and what is a lie.

Lifetime director Lindsay Hartley-
Lifetime director Lindsay Hartley-

It does not take long for her to see more red flags. Moreover, Darcy is surprised that this romance is moving way too fast. How could her sister be swayed so quickly? She barely knew this man.

Subsequently, his behavior continues to look more and more suspicious. He doesn’t look her in the eye. His story isn’t always the same. Most of all, he has huge gaps in life.

Now, Darcy thinks that Thomas is a danger to her, and her family. How is she going to get out alive?

Who Stars In Lifetime’s Her Fiancé’s Double Life?

This new movie stars Olivia Buckle (Cheer, Drama, Murder, Wonder Woman), Jonathan Stoddard (In Love With My Partner’s Wife, A Royal Christmas On Ice), Aubrey Reynolds (Vacation Home Nightmare, Love’s Portrait), and Lindsay Hartley (Romance At Reindeer Lodge, General Hospital).

In addition, Lindsay Hartley (Bodyguard Seduction, Trapped By My Sugar Daddy) directed this movie.

This movie was filmed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s Her Fiancé’s Double Life?

The premiere of Her Fiancé’s Double Life is on Saturday, April 22, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel.

Don’t forget, the  day after, it will be available to stream on the Lifetime website.

Will you be watching this new Lifetime thriller?


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