‘Mountain Monsters’: Jeff Headlee’s Wife Tammy Has Passed Away

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Mountain Monsters star Jeff Headlee, also known as Jeffro, shared the news tonight that his wife Tammy Snyder has passed away. Jeff went to his Facebook page to share the details, which quickly spread to social media groups about the show. Fans immediately started to send their condolences. She had been struggling with COPD for a while, so fans had already been sending prayers to Jeff and Tammy.

Jeff Headlee’s Wife Tammy’s Death

Jeff shared the details of her death on his page. He said, “Announcing with a very heavy heart, tear in my eye and a quiver in my voice. I want to express my thankfulness for all the prayers and thoughts for my beloved Wife, Mother, Aunt, Sister, Grandmother, cousin, Life Companion, Best Friend, and Lover Tammy Snyder. She has proudly left to be with the Angels in Heaven today. She faced her COPD illness with great courage, strength and love for her family and friends. Words cannot express the love she had for her friends and family.
We will Miss ya SWEETHEART….”

Below, you can see a post that Tammy made for Jeffro about two years ago for Husband Appreciation Day. The couple seemed very much in love and this has to be heartbreaking for Jeff.

The couple got married on July 21, 1990, meaning that they had been together for over 30 years. In a Facebook post on their 29th anniversary, Tammy admitted that they had some tough times, but were still going strong. The couple had two children Cody Brian Headlee and Alex Headlee.

Tammy Shared Recent Updates

Tammy Snyder shared a few recent updates on her Facebook page as well. On April 13, she shared that she was back in the hospital and was asking for prayers. Tammy had been sharing for a while that breathing was hard for her. Most of her comments were that people were praying for her.

Will Mountain Monsters Be Back?

As of right now, there is no news if Mountain Monsters will be back for Season 9. Fans would love to see another season of the show and are hoping it returns. There has always been a bit of speculation about if this show is real or fake. Fans love to watch this show either way.

The passing of Jeff Headlee’s wife Tammy Snyder is sad news. So far, there are no updates on a funeral and her obituary hasn’t been released yet.

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  1. So sort for your loss Jeff. Hopefully Mountain. Monsters will be back. The guys ate so much fun and the show is missed.

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