Lala Kent Fires Shots At Tom Sandoval, Won’t Back Down

Lala Kent and Tom Sandoval

Lala Kent is speaking out to Tom Sandoval on her Instagram story after he blamed the squad for the fact that Scandoval is still being talked about. In a recent interview with TMZ, Tom shared that the girls that keep talking about it is what keeps it going. He feels like it is time for everyone to move on, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon. Tom also shared that he is happy that it looks like Ariana Madix is moving on with a new guy.

LaLa Kent Shares Her Thoughts

Lala Kent went to her Instagram story and she isn’t holding back. While sitting in a glam chair, Lala talks about what Tom had to say in his recent interview. Lala said that she “heard that he blamed it on the squad” for Scandoval not dying down. She says that this proves he is a narcist and a “piece of sh*t.” She explained that if he hadn’t messed up this wouldn’t have happened at all.

Lala says that “she loves when men are like you did this to me.” She went on to say that if he was a good person this wouldn’t be happening in the first place. Kent then shared that the squad is not going to be quiet.

Lala Isn’t A Sandoval Fan

Lala Kent has made it clear that she isn’t a Tom Sandoval fan and is Team Ariana. They are good friends and she is on her side. She recently shared that she thinks that he needs to “shut up.” This was her response to Tom’s controversial podcast with Howie Mandell. She also called Raquel Leviss a “bottom feeder.”

Kent even shared that she thinks that Tom Sandoval enjoyed watching Tom Schwartz and Raquel Leviss kiss when it went down at Scheana Shay’s wedding. Lala feels like it was taking the heat off of him. On her podcast, she shared saying “I didn’t take it as, like, a jealousy thing. I took it as like Andy [Cohen] said — gleeful [that attention was drawn away from their affair]. Because everyone was fixated on it.” Kent even admitted that she was suspicious of Raquel and Tom, but didn’t have any proof anything was going on.


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Do you think it is time for Lala Kent and the rest of the girl squad to let Scandoval go? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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